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Adult toys exist to give pleasure and to have fun, but that doesn’t just mean solo fun. Many couples enjoy using adult toys together and find that they can add variety, spice, and even greater levels of intimacy to their love life. 

Have you ever wondered about using adult toys with your partner but didn’t know where to start? Are you single who would like to make more self-love? Or maybe you and your lover are actively seeking new romantic adventures in the bedroom to help keep desire burning in your relationship?

Wherever you’re starting from, this article should help you explore the benefits of adult toys, as well as giving good ideas for romantic adventures for couples!

What Are Adult Toys and Who Are They For?

The term ‘adult toys’ covers a massive and inclusive category of devices and items intended for stimulating or enhancing all kinds of sexual pleasure.

From dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, and butt plugs, taking in every variety of lube, massage aid, and fetish object on the way, there will be an adult sex toy of some sort out there to satisfy every desire.

Adult toys are for everyone. From 18 to 80 +, of every gender and orientation, living with or without disability, singles and couples alike, all can enjoy adult toys to explore and stimulate their own bodies or their partners.

This is something that the female-run Romantic Adventures company understands well, with its owner, Tami Rose, also a writer on sex toys and relationships for major publications.

Romantic Adventures Jackson caters for all, with a clear, user-friendly and varied selection of adult toys in intuitive categories and groups, reflecting male and female anatomy and diverse sexualities.

What Are the Benefits of Adult Toys?

Good sex enhances physical and mental health. Adult toys can play a role in this, enhancing the number and quality of orgasms and boosting relaxation, leading to better sleep, lowered stress levels, and improved overall wellbeing.

When you’re single, adult toys can provide a more interactive and varied solo pleasure experience.  Vibrators, dildos, and lubes can all very quickly enhance a session of self-touch and make it into something much more than a quick moment of relief.

Couples can find adult toys that give them novel sexual experiences, act as costumes and props for erotic role plays, or further their current interests in a particular fetish (e.g., rubber) or scene (e.g., BDSM).

Senior couples or those with injuries or restricted limb movement might find that adult toys extend their physical capabilities in the bedroom, allowing them to stimulate their partner or themselves for longer periods and in different ways than they could achieve alone.

Browsing the selection of adult toys on offer somewhere like Romantic Adventures can open new horizons for people who may not be aware of modern adult toys’ variety, sophistication, and user-friendliness.

Others might be shy about letting their partner know what turns them on, or have a particular kink that they feel embarrassed about. Browsing adult toys together can be an easy way to bring up a secret desire or interest and gauge your lover’s reaction.

Exploring the range of products somewhere like Romantic Adventures can also reassure people that their desires are normal and widely shared. The array of adult toys on sale shows that numerous other customers are interested in bondage, for example, or that both men and women enjoy being penetrated with a strap-on device worn by a partner.

Those who have ever struggled to orgasm with partners may learn to understand their own bodies better by using adult toys alone at first. Understanding your own sexual needs and responses can help you better teach present and future lovers how to touch your body in order to bring you to orgasm.

How Do You Use Adult Toys?

The particular mechanics of an adult toy, and any guidance or contraindications for its use and maintenance, should be well explained in its packaging. If you’re new to that kind of toy, do read the instructions well to ensure that you and your partner get maximum enjoyment from it.

Apart from that, there is no limit to the creative ways adult toys can be used. They can help stimulate pleasure, enhance staying power or postpone orgasm, and create simultaneous physical sensations that might otherwise be hard to achieve.

Sharing these sorts of experiences with a partner can be both a romantic adventure and a bonding opportunity.

A Final Word

Remember that adult toys are all about fun and pleasure for both of you. If a toy doesn’t feel right or doesn’t turn you on, then maybe there’s another toy out there that will or one that you can enjoy using on your partner rather than yourself.

At Romantic Adventures, you will find a wide array of adult toys for a range of people and a whole gamut of tastes. Why not drop in, either online in the privacy of your own home or to the Romantic Adventures Pearl store next time you’re passing Highway 80 in Jackson?

We hope we can inspire you and your partner in finding new games to play together!