Huawei gt smartwatch-band 4


Front and center, perhaps the best thing about the Huawei Band 4 is that it doesn't accompany a charging link or support like each and every other wellness tracker. All things being equal, one portion of the lash falls off to uncover the male finish of a USB-An association, which means you basically plug the Band into any USB port to charge it.

Most wellness groups and smartwatches accompany a link as well as a restrictive charger association that implies you'll run out of charge in the event that you lose or fail to remember the extra. Not really with Band 4. It's a little detail that makes me can't help thinking about why different organizations don't do likewise.

Fortunately the remainder of the Huawei Band 4 is comparable, and rivals the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 as the best modest action tracker of 2019. It has remarkable extended battery life, a shading touchscreen and a full scope of movement and rest following inherent.

Display and design

The Huawei GT smart watch is shockingly rough given its smooth plan. Its tempered steel case and artistic bezel are enveloped by a carbon covering, making it impervious to scratches even in outrageous conditions.. The 46mm case looks incredible in the event that you have a bigger wrist, however it takes up a ton of lower arm land for those with more modest wrists like mine. However, at 0.41 inches thick, its slimness assists with counterbalancing the size to some degree. In any case, there's no denying that it's an alluring smartwatch that looks more extravagant than it really costs. It's not difficult to combine with relaxed outfits and is an extraordinary expansion to evening wear, with a lot of watch contents to coordinate with your ideal setting.

On the right half of the case are two crowns for route—the top triggers the menu and goes about as the force button, while the base carries you to exercise mode. Neither one of the crowns turns, so you need to physically utilize the touch screen to look through menu alternatives and warnings.

The 1.39-inch AMOLED show is responsive and smooth. With 454 by 454 pixels, all substance looks exceptionally dynamic and sharp.

Feature and battery life

The Watch GT is fueled by an ARM Cortex-M4 processor and provides an accelerometer, a gyrator, a pulse sensor, a magnetometer, an encompassing light sensor, an indicator, and GPS. There's no NFC or Wi-Fi.

As referenced before, the watch runs Huawei's LiteOS, which is viable with Android and iOS gadgets. It permits you to see instant messages, application alarms, and reject calls from your telephone. The OS chugs along as expected generally and applications load rapidly. There's just a slight slack while looking through the menu, however it doesn't destroy the experience. While the working framework is not difficult to utilize, it looks obsolete and there's truly very little you can do with it all things considered.

Exploring the watch feels like Google's Wear OS—swipe down for alternate route tiles for Do Not Disturb mode, Find Phone, Lock, Show Time (which turns the screen on for five minutes), and Settings. Swipe up for warnings, and look up to see every one of them. Swipe to the left or right to get to the pulse screen, climate application, and action details without going into the menu. To the extent signals go, you can flick your wrist to turn the presentation on and place your wrist somewhere near your side to turn it off.

Sadly, with no capacity to download outsider applications, you're restricted to Huawei's fundamental applications like the indicator, compass, spotlight, stopwatch, climate, and a couple of others. You can, nonetheless, interface your watch to MyFitnessPal and Apple's HealthKit.

Dissimilar to the Fitbit Versa, you're restricted with regards to music. There's no locally available music stockpiling and no capacity to download Pandora, Spotify, or other streaming applications. Also, in any event, when utilizing your telephone for music, the watch doesn't offer playback controls.

Because of the extra working framework, the 420mAh battery on the Watch GT can endure longer than most smartwatches and wellness trackers available. Huawei says you can get as long as about fourteen days of utilization; in testing I had the option to get barely seven days, which is still better compared to the majority of the opposition. With persistent pulse checking, application warnings turned on, rest following each night, the presentation set to greatest splendor, and two independent, long exercises, I was down to 10% battery by the eighth day of wearing it.

Fitness feature and accuracy

With respect to work out, the Watch GT offers ten game modes to browse: outside run, indoor run, open air walk, climb, trail run, open air cycle, indoor cycle, pool swim, and vast water. Any action that isn't recorded can be followed under "other." You can likewise browse an assortment of running courses, with direction on the presentation as you run.

While working out, the showcase shows measurements like pulse, pace, distance, time passed, steps, calories, and rhythm. A short time later, the entirety of your movement matches up to the Huawei Health application. Notwithstanding the measurements referenced above, both the watch and application separate your exhibition into classifications like high-impact and anaerobic preparing impacts, alongside VO2Max and recuperation time.

The pulse screen is genuinely precise. I utilized a Polar H10 chest lash to analyze results, and during a one-mile walk, the Watch GT recorded 132bpm to the Polar's 135bpm. After a one-mile run, the watch recorded 160bpm to the Polar's 164bpm. Results were somewhat further off during my one-mile run outside, in which the Watch GET logged 123bpm to the H10's 131bpm.

The Watch GT likewise shows you your pulse zones during exercises. Contingent upon your beats each moment, the meter at the highest point of the showcase will change to show you whether you're in warm up, fat-consuming, high-impact, anaerobic, or outrageous mode.


The Huawei Watch GT is a smartwatch in name as it were. It tracks wellness measurements like pulse, action, and rest, and furthermore gives definite knowledge on the actual condition of your body, settling on it a strong decision in case you're searching for the components of a wellness tracker in the body of a smartwatch. Be that as it may, at a similar cost, we favor the Fitbit Versa, which gives more exact wellness following than the Watch GT just as a wide choice of outsider applications, settling on it our Editors' Choice. Those with more modest wrists, in the meantime, should look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Its lightweight and thin edge is down to earth to wear consistently, while following action, pulse, rest, and feelings of anxiety.