Game Titles That Defined the Horror Genre


If people didn’t like to be scared then the horror genre wouldn’t exist in the film and gaming industry. That’s why the horror genre is booming and there are a lot of game titles that players can enjoy nowadays. Some games even inspired films for fans to enjoy.

This genre has been so influential that it has even spawned horror slots. These are games casino fans can enjoy at online casinos. There are also additional sites that offer online casino guide or various strategies for how to win at slots  and other casino games. The main thing to remember about visiting such sites and enjoying them is to do so responsibly.

The myriad of horror games is available because of several titles that originated first and influenced them. You can say that they defined the horror genre and they are the ultimate horror games for any fan to enjoy. In that regard, here are a few of those titles:

The Silent Hill Franchise

The mysterious town of Silent Hill originated back in 1999 and gave players shivers the first time it appeared. It continues to give them shivers with all the titles it has amassed throughout the years. The mist is there to cover the way and you’ll be stumbling into all sorts of creatures.

As you deal with them, you’ll need to solve various kinds of puzzles to complete the various objectives. Your goal will be to find a different person in different titles and it’s usually a shocking discovery as to what has happened to them. It’s a horror franchise unlike any other and it’s got a huge fan base that works on story analyses to this day.

The Resident Evil Franchise

The first-ever Resident Evil game dates back to 1996, which is 3 years before the first Silent Hill game. Although they belong to the same genres they are entirely different games. A zombie outbreak because of a virus outbreak is the central theme of all Resident Evil games. Your job is to stop it regardless of who you’re playing with. It all begins at the Spencer mansion where an entire team of STARS is lost to cover the truth of the virus.

You play as either Jill or Chris in this game and you battle the zombies while you’re trying to reach your objective. The visuals may not look like much but it’s the eerie atmosphere of the mansion that sets the tone of the game. The next game lets you meet Leon, a rookie cop, and Claire, Chris’s sister, as you visit Raccoon City. The pandemic is already at large and you need to make your way through the police station to discover the lab underground.

The third one continues the story with Jill as you put another punch on the pandemic. You’ll meet Mr X and many other indestructible creatures. Crafting items is a big part of the game as you’ll need all kinds of materials for bullets and healing salves. The first game got an early remake, whereas the second and third ones got it a bit later on. There are 8 titles so far and they continue the main storyline but there are other titles you can try in between. If zombies are your thing and you love surviving in tight spots then this horror franchise is the right one for you.

Dead Space 1

This game might not be as old as the previous ones but it’s a revolutionary horror game nonetheless. It’s set in space and it’s an essential horror for several reasons. You step into the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an engineer that’s part of a skeleton crew sent to investigate the Ishimura mining facility. As soon as you enter you find out that the facility has been overrun by aliens known as Necromorphs. The dim lights and jump scares show you that Dead Space has been influenced by the previous 2 franchises, but there are certain things it does to make itself stand out.

When facing enemies you usually go for the head, but shooting the head won’t do anything in Dead Space. Instead, you need to for their limbs. No horror game had done this before Dead Space which is why it’s revolutionary. Another thing that’s interesting about it is that there are no loading screens so you get to continue your misadventure from room to room. No waiting, just some creatures lurking in the dark, waiting for you to take them out.