Online medicine free home delivery at Truemeds


The lockdown following the pandemic of covid -19 made ordering medicines from a medicine online purchase app a safe and convenient alternative. Everyone during lockdown ordered medicines for covid infections from the medicine online purchase app instead of visiting a nearby medical store.  

Only a few medicine online apps are fulfilling the customers’ regular online demand for medicines. One such satisfactory and convenient app is Truemeds.  

Have you ever heard of online medicine free home delivery app or Truemeds? If not, you are missing everything!

Online medicine free home delivery app of Truemeds offers:

  • Convenient for everyone, especially the elderly and disabled persons

  • The app requires a maximum of 5 minutes to order medicines 

  • Registered by RoC-Kanpur, the government of India.

  • Sell medicines only with a valid prescription

  • Sell CDSCO approved and tested medicines

  • Provides free doctor consultation

  • Range of choices in medicines. The app supplies medicines from the top 30 drug makers of India.

  • Fast and doorstep delivery

  • Always available and supportive customer service with easy returns and refunds.

Right now, the benefits that matter to any one of us from a medicine online purchase app in India are cost-effectiveness and safe & convenient home delivery.

Truemeds provide free home delivery to its customer on the purchase of medicines above 500 rupees. I know what you all are thinking. Isn’t every medicine online purchase app offer medicines with the same scheme? Let me explain.

You all spent more than 500 rupees every time you shop on an online medical store. With Truemeds, you get a discount of up to 72% on every medicine or healthcare product. So, you can buy a lot of medicines at the same time for under Rs. 500. Tell me, do you get the same discount on every app? No, right?

If it comes to safe delivery during covid-times, Truemeds has made safe home delivery easy.

  • The medicines you get from the medicine online purchase app are sanitized. 

  • The executives delivering the medicines wear masks all the time and sanitize themselves at regular intervals. 

  • The no-contact rule is followed by the executives. Medicines are left at your doorstep safely and sanitized.

  • In case of an issue, you can contact the executive or directly call customer support. 

Truemeds make sure that they provide safe medicines to their customers at all costs. Isn’t Truemeds a great online medicine free home delivery app for purchasing cost-effective and safely delivered medicines?