How to Design and Print Sustainable and Smart Custom Lash Boxes

 Just claiming and advertising that you have an amazing range of fake lashes isn’t going to get your offers noticed. If you want your product collection to get popular with the lash veterans, come up with a creatively compelling way to present and promote it. 

Shoppers for cosmetics have a limited attention span and countless choices online and in stores. So, to convince them into trusting and trying the items can turn out to be a challenging and taxing endeavor. 

Captivating and communicating packaging can work astutely for influencing the perception and purchase intent of customers looking for falsies. They would want to explore the features of hybrid, sable, silk, mink, magnetic and other products. 

Dazzling display boxes would incline the onlookers into getting a quick and detailed overview of the individual and bundled-up items. A distinctive personalized packaging idea would aid you with endorsing the individuality of your brand and offers. 

While you can order cheap eyelash boxes from a few packaging suppliers, but it is better to have the packaging custom made professionally. Product boxes are like the first impression and introduction of your business and cosmetics. Poorly printed packaging will have a negative impact on your makeup company’s repute and credibility. 

Have the boxes customized by a printer that has the requisite skills and client-centric attitude. Search for packaging providers on the internet and in the local market with relevant industry experience and good reviews.  

Why “the Legacy Printing” can be Trusted for Personalizing your Retail Boxes?

The box manufacturer has been serving the diverse printing needs of different kinds of businesses across America for a long time now. The printer has helped many new brands with making their products hard to ignore by providing them impactful packaging solutions. 

The printing provider has a trained and talented team that knows how to handle different kinds of customers and situations. You will be served genially, and your needs and inclinations would be given primary importance. Send your questions to the sales or support team through email or chat, and they will proactively respond to your queries. 

The box supplier keeps pace with the most recent trends and developments in the printing world to offer its clients contemporary packaging items. If you are looking for creative custom printed boxes, the printer will woo you with a gratifying and delightful experience. 

Packaging can be sagaciously used for improving customer outreach and magnifying the impact of your branding efforts. Tell the graphics team about the goals you want to accomplish through your cosmetic boxes. They will provide you artwork options according to your requirements. 

You get to have the packaging designed with 3D effects. The printer has the knack for custom-making boxes that will aid you with landing more shoppers and building rapport with them. 

The Legacy Printing gives you the leverage to select stock and finishing details for your packaging after evaluating and comparing the different options. Talk to the production team about printing material, box style, and other preferences you have, and they will give you guidelines and suggestions accordingly. 

The tips below will help you with adding value to your packaging for eyelash extensions!

Underscore the Unique Selling Points of your Products 

Use the boxes for falsies to give shoppers an insight into enthralling features and benefits of the items. If the lashes are super simple to apply, have this printed prominently on the packaging. List names and percentages of the components the products are made of. 

The information you share on the boxes should be based on facts, don’t exaggerate or fabricate any of the details.

Print User-Friendly Custom Lash Boxes 

Packaging for false lashes should be made with the view to offer simple usage and convenience to consumers. Ask the printer to provide you appealing and purposeful custom lash boxes. Be careful when deciding on the material to have the packaging manufactured that lasts long. 

Cardboard is one of the popularly used stocks for retail boxes, but you can choose kraft paper or some other biodegradable material as well. 

Winsome Window Packaging 

Boxes having windows would enhance the visibility of the packaged products making it easier for the lash lovers to check the thickness and length of different falsies. You can use customization combos to give the packaging an enrapturing touch; some options are raised ink, UV coating, glossy/matte lamination, embossing, and debossing. 

Ask for assistance from your printer if you don’t know much about these finishing choices. Boxes with names of your best-sellers and e-store’s address would enable the digital shoppers to buy their favorites with just a few taps. 

Take your Pick for a Die-Cut Box Layout 

Take a dig at the die-cut options for your cosmetic packaging. Meticulously analyze the pros and cons of different box layouts you feel inclined to and choose one that is user-oriented and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Packaging should be Detailed 

List all the important insights that a beginner would require on purchasing and using the lashes. Boxes ought to instruct users on applying the items and taking care of the reusable or storable ones. Packaging must include all the sought-after info about your recently introduced items. 

Boxes having your social media profile links and other contact details would improve communication with shoppers across multiple channels. 

Make the Boxes Worth Storing  

Use catchy content for packaging so that lash veterans want to keep it even after using the products. Celeb endorsements and fashion-era-inspired boxes are likely to stir the interest of cosmetic junkies.

Packaging for combo deals printed with decorative themes and embellishments would help promote the offers as gifts. You can get cheap eyelash boxes from a trusted printer if you have budget limitations but make sure that the finesse of packaging isn’t compromised. 

Packaging that isn’t a Hassle to Handle 

Consumers will vouch for your cosmetic brand and falsies if you provide them lashes in simple to deal with boxes. Packaging should be simple to open, close, store, adjust and carry if you want the consumers to place products.