Why is Live Video Shopping gaining popularity

It’s no secret that Live video streaming has become a popular topic today and thus brands have begun looking into this new media as a new means to engage and retain their buyers. But is this live shopping trend really worth investing in?

While there’s nothing like the experience of shopping from a physical store, for many customers, Live video shopping has quickly become the next best thing. As for brands, livestream shopping replicates the in-store shopping experiences. Hence from an ecommerce standpoint, capitalizing on live streaming commerce could pay off big time.

According to a report, video will account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic in 2020. This trend is thus seen as the future of ecommerce. Live Shopping in USA is especially gaining popularity. Live online shopping gains more engagement than any other content format because of its unpredictable nature. So it has become an effective tool for brands to incorporate into their ecommerce strategy.

But why is Live video shopping becoming so popular?

As shoppers worldwide are encouraged to stay at home, their buying habits and behaviour have completely altered. This pushed retailers to create digital content in ways they would have never considered before. This facilitated the live online shopping trend.

Livestream shopping enables retailers to connect with buyers anywhere in the world, directly and in real-time. Audiences joining your live shopping shows can make direct purchases in real-time. 


Retailers actually engage and interact with shoppers in real-time this is what makes live streaming shopping unique where live shopping really shines.

Since video is much more engaging and powerful than static image, using live streaming allows brands to create ecommerce platforms that can be morphed into dynamic shopping channels for their customers.

Live Video Appeal

According to a report, 64 percent consumers make a purchase after watching live marketing videos and almost 50 percent of consumers reported preferring live video compared to pre-recorded ones. Live streaming Commerce can help retailers demonstrate and sell their products, driving commerce. 


Live online shopping sounds very similar to what TV shopping was like in the 1980s. With live commerce brands are spared the heavy airtime and production costs of TV broadcasting and instead can leverage a livestream shopping platform to reach a worldwide audience and sell live.  


Live Commerce Success Stories

An increasing number of brands already are using live streaming commerce to sell products. 

For instance, cosmetics brand Maybelline ran a successful live shopping campaign featuring Chinese celebrity Angelababy selling 10,000 lipsticks in 2 hours.

Retail giant Kohl’s monetized the live shopping of its apparel brand LC Lauren Conrad by offering viewers a backstage pass and front-row seat during New York Fashion Week. 

As live video shopping incorporates all elements of e-commerce into a new media, it offers endless opportunities to brands. Shoppers already love shopping online, now businesses can utilize live streaming shopping as a new transaction channel to reach buyers on the platforms they are already using.


China Leads the Way

The Live streaming commerce market was worth an estimated $30 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach $70 billion by 2021, and $184 billion by 2027. Furthermore, because of the acceleration of digital commerce caused by the covid-19, these estimates are sure to increase.


Livestream ecommerce trend began and has really taken off in China. The live shopping industry in China has quickly become a vital platform for shopping. This completely altered the way e-commerce in the region was conducted. This success can be seen in results from early May, when China celebrated its five-day national Labor Day Holiday. During that time, sales via live video shopping platforms reached almost $140 million, an increase of over 400 percent from 2019. Following China Live Shopping in USA also gained Momentum.






Wrapping it up

So in order to stay ahead in the game all brands want to have their own live streaming shopping channel and reach thousands or even millions of audiences. 

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Now brands of all sizes can add a live video shopping platform to existing products without implementing their own technology. Isn’t it great!

We’ll soon start to see a proliferation of live commerce experiences that will change the way consumers engage with brands and shop.

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