Why is Gupshup the finest and easiest messaging platform for your business

Gupshup is a Conversational Intelligence Software that allows bot makers to build, deploy, and publish a bot quickly. It aids in the development of brand recognition as well as the increase of revenue and sales growth. Gupshup automates conversations fast and effortlessly, and it aids in the development of bot tools for both coders and non-coders.

It selects a template, customizes its contents, and instantly publishes it as a messaging platform. It establishes the conversation flow using a graphical editor, a conduit for Bots to connect, allowing for astonishing new possibilities, and so forth.

Although Gupshup is much more than a framework, its toolkit includes a bot-building environment with all the bells and whistles. However, that feature of Gupshup is only available to developers. Other Gupshup tools allow non-developers to prototype bots and provide them with basic functionality before any actual coding occurs.

All of this makes Gupshup quite distinctive and, on the surface, a flexible option for constructing a chatbot. Gupshup does a lot, but from the aspect of chatbot development, it comprises of two main components:

        IDE Bot Builder is a genuine bot-building framework (or just a Bot Builder)

        Flow Bot Builder is a GUI-based bot-building software aimed at non-programmers.

A third component is a chatbot-building tool based on templates, although it is geared at small business owners who do everything themselves.

IDE Bot Builder: Gupshup's primary chatbot solution is the Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) Bot Builder. It includes a code editor, a publishing tool, and diagnostic capabilities, all detailed in the Bot Builder documentation.

To make bot development more straightforward, the framework includes a JavaScript async library and a terminal for running git commands and installing npm packages. Bot Builder comes with built-in hosting because it runs on AWS Lambda.

Flow Bot Builder: Flow Bot Builder, in contrast, is for those who aren't developers but yet want to construct a bot. The target user could be a marketing expert who understands the business case for a possible chatbot—perhaps even better than the developers who know how to construct it. This person can prototype a chatbot using Flow Bot Builder, which has a simple graphical user interface (GUI).

Developers can then extend the Flow-created bot using JavaScript modules and functionalities. They can basically start with what a non-coder offers them, then access the underlying code and improve the bot. Gupshup tools, in this manner, transcends business units and technical skills.

Bot Builder Template: Gupshup provides a Template Bot Builder to enable small organizations to take advantage of automated communication. This tool allows non-developers with simple needs to design a messaging platform. You select a template that corresponds to your business type and then fills in the blanks with your information. There are a few customization choices as well, all of which are accessible through a primary interface that most people can utilize.

You may construct your bot (IDE Bot Builder), link it to the channels of your choosing (Messaging API), and then track interactions and manage leads with all of these tools working together (CRM). Gupshup is in charge of everything.

Before you begin, read the Gupshup documentation to understand what is and isn't possible with the IDE Bot Builder. Before you get started, look into other Gupshup tools such as Messaging API and CRM. They may be able to help you in unlocking new potential for your messaging platform, which is something you should be aware of as soon as possible.