What are the 7 types of OCD

All types of OCDs have some common symptoms. The manner in which these symptoms introduce themselves in life depends on a ton of reasons from one individual to another. OCD treatment is very much dependent on the symptoms and their intensity.

  1. SO-OCD

Obsessions related to SO-OCD

       Others can distinguish whether I'm into ladies or not.

       I was drawn to that person back there. This implies I'm gay.

       Is it safe to say that I was truly into her when we dated?

Compulsions related to SO-OCD

       Asking individuals over and over that you appear gay or not.

       Seeing pictures of beautiful ladies to check whether you are drawn to them or not.

       Not coming near individuals of similar sex to stay away from any problem and judgment.


  1. Harm OCD

Obsessions related to harm OCD

       I could wound my partner with this sharp object.

       Imagining a scenario of driving over an individual.

       Considering the possibility that I killed my nephew and I can't remember it now.

Compulsions related to harm OCD

       Keeping all sharp objects away from immediate reach.

       Calling to check if your family is safe.

       Returning to check that you have driven over someone or not more than once.


  1. POCD

Obsessions related to POCD

       When I was near my cousin's child I had some sexual ideas. Am I drawn to them?

       Imagining a scenario in which I have sexual contemplations about the child I'm looking after

       Imagining a scenario in which I attacked a child and I can't recall

Compulsions related to POCD

       Avoiding kids totally.

       Looking on the web for accounts of genuine pedophiles. So that, you can discover proof that you are not one of them.

       You punish yourself internally because of these thoughts.


  1. Just right OCD

Obsessions related to Just right OCD

       I need to start over to make it perfect.”

       Something is simply not perfect.

       I don’t feel this is right.

Compulsions related to Just right OCD

       Reworking, reordering and sorting out things over and again.

       Playing out any activity again and again, for example cleaning something over and over.

       Changing phrases ordinarily in messages or notes.


  1. Relationship OCD

Obsessions related to Relationship OCD

       Imagining a scenario that maybe we are not intended to be together but we actually remained together.

       Couldn't there be somebody better out there?

       Is it true that we are perfect or the right person for each other?

Compulsions related to Relationship OCD

       Looking into others via various platforms to check whether their connections appear to be better than yours.

       Taking relationship tests on the web.

       Recalling circumstances again and again. For example, did we truly have a great time together on holiday at that time?

  1. Contamination OCD

Obsessions related to Contamination OCD

       This entire spot is loaded with microbes.

Compulsions related to Contamination OCD

       Washing hands more than once, disinfecting things again and again.

  1. Pure-O OCD

Obsession related to Pure-O OCD

       Imagining a scenario where one can push someone off a cliff.

Compulsions related to Pure-O OCD

       What is the meaning of life that concerns you continuously?

About 2 percent of the global population suffers from OCD. It is already known that indications or symptoms are the major part of OCD. OCD treatment is possible when somebody's subtype of OCD is specific, and a doctor can recognize the way how their OCD influences them. Subtypes of OCD can be steady over a period of time.