Trophies Verses Plaques: Which Is The Better Gifting Award

Different forms of employee recognition programs can help your business move forward effectively. If you want to develop your business, you need to know the various forms of employee recognition awards you can give your employees. Employee recognition rewards are essential components of your business. 

Several factors are there that you need to consider from your end that can help your business grow in the right direction. Some of the crucial points of difference are between the plaques and the trophies that can help you achieve your objectives correctly.   

Several Points Of Difference Between Plaques & Trophies 

Several points of difference are there between the plagues and the trophies that you need to consider at your end while improving your business in a better way.    

1. Consider The Wall Space    

If you have less space on your office walls, then the best option for you is to choose the employee recognition trophy, not the plaque. The application of the glass awards can be one of the best options for you to develop your business in the right direction.  

You have to plan well to identify the best option for you, the plague or the trophy. Here, you need to make your selection depending on your office space and the scenario. You need to identify which option will suit you the best, the plague or the trophies. 

2. Does Not Take Up The Desk Space   

Plaques can be hung on the office walls, but the trophies will occupy the desk space. If your office desk space is limited, then the plaques can be the best option for your best to recognize the best talents of your organization.   

Sometimes the desk space can be the determining factor for selecting the plaques in place of the trophies to recognize your organization’s best talents. You need to make a wise decision as per the needs of the situation and time. 

3. Rotation Of Awards 

You can buy a visually stunning award for the best employee award program in your office and rotate them every month among your employees. It will help you save your money as you do not have to buy a plaque to provide the award every month to your best performer.   

It will create a competition among the employees to improve and get the best recognition award, and they will give their best performances to grab it from their end. Employees can keep it on their desk and can showcase the award of the trophy proudly to others. 

4. Display And Design Options    

A wide variety of unique designs can be used in the trophies to provide the employee recognition award to the month’s best performer. These things are not possible in the case of the plaque. You cannot employ different kinds of attractive designs to display them to the other. 

Hence, if you want to reduce your cost and increase your award’s affordability rate, then trophies are the best option for you to select and recognize the best talent of your business in the right way. You must make your choices depending on your needs as per your choices for getting the things done in the correct order. 

5. Affordability 

The affordability rate of your business matters a lot when you make the selection between plaques and trophies. If you want to make a recurring investment for your employee recognition program, plaques are the best choices. 

On the other hand, if you want to make a one-time investment for your employee, motivate them through recognition programs, then the trophies are the best option for you to look forward to. You can rotate this award among your employees. 


Hence, these are some of the facts that you need to consider while you want to differentiate between the plaques and trophies from each other. Both have the power to recognize the best performer and the best talent of your organization. But you have to make your selection as per your affordability and the motive behind the award-giving ceremony you organize for your business.