Trading started hundreds of years ago, and from the beginning of trade, different marketing strategies used by merchants to improve their trading. After the invention of the printing machine, merchants started using paper printed notices and posters to strengthen marketing. The development of technology also induced improved marketing by making more immersive and personalised campaigns.

Today in a world of well-connected online society, marketing strategies became more intensive. In a world where everything is reviewed and bought online, marketing through web development became unavoidable for any company. In the present society, the website of a company determines credibility. Web development gold coast is famous for creating well-optimised websites, apps, online stores, etc. Web development, app development, online stores, social media marketing, search engine optimisation are different methods used by web developers. 



A website can reach people all over the world, which makes website development so important. A company website gives consumers a clear idea of what product the company offers and what types of products or services are available. All advertisements a company makes will bring customers to the company website. It should contain all the necessary pieces of information about products and company. Otherwise, partial information will affect company credibility.

The website's global reach makes anyone from anywhere knows about the organisation and their range of products. The website helps to improve customer relationships through constant enquiries and feedbacks.



Smartphones became an integrated part of society. Smartphone usage in Australia expected to reach under 75 percentage by 2022. Every service offered on the internet is now available at fingertips due to the advancements in the smartphone industry. A mobile application gives the organisation improved visibility in the market. Such apps can cultivate customer loyalty towards the products. It will also extensively helps in creating brand awareness and paves a way to directly market products to the customer. Customers also benefitted through better and fast customer service options.



Over the past decade, consumers changed the way of shopping, and merchants are trying to keep up. Online stores are equally helpful for organisations that are trying to expand or just starting. An online store has virtually no maintenance cost at all. The absence of a middle man helps sell the product at a low price while the manufacturer earns more income than traditional trading. Online stores make it easy to collect, measure, and act on customer data. Companies that are hyper-focused on the customer experience will need to own their consumer data. Online shops help in the visibility and accessibility of products to international buyers. It also helps to reach very niche markets with ease.



Google is the most commonly used search engine all over the world. Due to this, ads in google has more reach than in any other search engines. Google AdWords works faster than search engine optimisation is an added advantage. It is also an efficient way to tell people about your products. Though google marketing, you can introduce your products in Gmail, which is a commonly used emailing service. Gmail ads are comparatively lower in cost. This makes companies with a low marketing budget reach more widely.



Studies in 2021 show that 80% of Australians are using at least one social media platform. Social media became an integrated part of our day to day life. It makes social media a viable ground for marketing. Companies can quickly and easily get their brand in front of people and allows for easy and effective brand building. Social media is the best place where organisations can express their views, tell their stories to gather the audience.