Lighting for Vlogs: A Beginner's Guide

Do you find the prospect of learning about vlog lighting intimidating? Don't worry, you don't need to be a cinematographer to create a high-quality vlog. A decent camera, portable camera tripod  and vlog editing tools can often be everything you need to get started vlogging.

However, if you want the end result to be a high-quality video, you'll almost always need vlog lighting equipment, even if it's just a ring light, for example. Furthermore, learning some lighting-related tips from vlogging pros will certainly benefit you when filming your vlogs.

We'll go through the fundamentals of vlog lighting in this article to help you make your videos more visually appealing. Let's get this party started.

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2. Fancierstudio 3 Point Light Kit

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4. Vlogger Light AC Flashpoint 13"

The Flashpoint 13" Vlogger Light AC is the best lighting package for vloggers on a budget who want high-quality lighting.

5. Fluorescent Lighting Kit from Fovitec

The Fovitec Fluorescent lighting kit is a feature-packed softbox lighting package that's perfect for vloggers, beauty gurus, and influencers.

6. Softbox Lighting Kit for Limostudio 700W

The Limostudio softbox lighting kit is suitable for travel vloggers who need light that is both compact and adaptable.

Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio is ranked #7 on our list of the best photography studios.

The Emart bundle is perfect if you're looking for a versatile and high-quality umbrella lighting kit that can be used for anything from product photography to vlogs.

Umbrella Lighting Kit for Slow Dolphin Photography

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Why Your Vlogs' Lighting Will Make or Break Them

Vlog lighting is crucial in determining whether your vlogs look amateur or professional. This is due to the fact that camera lenses do not respond to light in the same way that our eyes do. As light reflects off an object, it sends an electrochemical signal to the brain. Cameras advance every year, but they will never be able to process light as well as human eyes. That's why knowing the fundamentals of vlog lighting can help you know when to add more light so that your video's light quality is comparable to what human eyes see naturally.

What Are Some of the Other Benefits of Vlog Lighting?

Vlog lighting will help you assess the mood of your videos and invoke those emotions in your audience, in addition to maintaining video quality. Learning the fundamentals of vlog lighting will allow you to say more engaging video stories while also preventing the loss of valuable footage. In addition, vlog lighting is easier to modify during recording than post-production, where the editing choices are limited even with high-quality vlog editing tools.

You'll save time in editing if you spend more time learning about vlog lighting. Plus, good lighting is a sign of professionalism, and it will set your vlogs apart from your rivals. The best aspect is that vlog lighting is not difficult to master. Furthermore, once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll be able to play around with lighting and be more adventurous with your images.

The Best Lighting for Vlogs

When you select the right vlog lighting system for your vlogs, you'll be able to monitor light more effectively and spend less time in post-production. You can learn about the variations between different lighting setups and which vlog lighting setup is best for your vlogs by reading the information below.

Lighting with three points

Three-point lighting is a typical photography scenario that allows a subject to be illuminated evenly from three different angles. This is a basic lighting system for your vlogging projects that is very simple to set up.

There is a main light, a fill light, and a backlight in this lighting scenario.

The main light source that controls the exposure is referred to as key light. The main light is also the brightest source of light in the room. It should be of good quality and reflect directly onto your face. If you're taking a video outside, the sun is the most important light source.

The main light should cast a large amount of light on the subject and cast a dramatic shadow over the subject's face. This light should be aimed at the subject at a 45-degree angle. It's important to reduce the shadow's intensity without fully eliminating it.

The fill light is an essential component of the 3-point lighting setup. The shadows cast by the main light should be reduced by this light. It should be less intense than the key light in order to avoid overpowering your primary source of light, which is the key light, as previously mentioned. Remember to put the fill light on the opposite side of the scene.

Don't forget about the backlight when setting up your vlog lighting. The subject should be illuminated from behind by the backlight. It provides a visual distinction between the subject and the context by adding depth.

Ring Light

Since it can uniformly disperse lighting for close-up shooting, ring lighting is a common vlog lighting setup among solo vloggers. By using soft light, it also removes dark shadows and gives the face a flattering appearance. Ring illumination, as the name implies, is a wide circle that focuses light around the subject's face. It's also very handy because you can use it on its own stand or even connect it to your phone if it's a smaller ring light. You'll get the most out of this vlog lighting setup if you're on a budget.

Lighting in a Soft Box

A soft-box lighting setup is one that is specifically designed to dim the sun. Natural and studio lighting will also cast dark shadows over the subject's face, causing the lighting to be unbalanced. The soft-box is built to fit around a lighting source and diffuse it, allowing it to light a subject's face in a light and soft way. You'll be able to change your vlog lighting at any time in an indoor environment if you use soft-boxes.

Light from the Sun

Without the use of any costly equipment, natural light will help you illuminate your video. This refers to any light source that contributes to the scene's lighting. Outdoor lights, lights in your room, and light coming in through your windows can all contribute to the lighting in your vlog. Working entirely with natural light, on the other hand, can be challenging if you don't plan ahead.

If you're going to shoot your vlogs outside, the best times are during the "blue" and "magic" hours of the day. The time of day when the sun is below the horizon is known as blue hour. This occurs twice a day, when the sun sets and when the sun rises. Since there is enough ambient light to show your subject's face during the blue hour, it is perfect for shooting outdoor scenes at night. Furthermore, artificial light sources such as street lights, cityscapes, and monuments look fantastic on video during this period because they provide the perfect contrast to the bluish tones in the sky.

The time of day when the sun is just about to set is known as the "magic hour." The light is very soft and there are no harsh shadows at these times, making it perfect for taking videos that you would normally make during the day.

Lighting for Umbrellas

Umbrella lighting is a portable light source that is used to provide indirect lighting to a subject. They will help you create more controlled lighting for your vlogs by distributing the light evenly. These lights are made of transparent white cloth, which diffuses bright light and casts softer, lighter shades around the subject's face. Indoor vlogging with umbrella lighting will help you achieve a more polished look. For more vlogging tips and guides, visit