The Batman series is a super-hit cascade having fans from all over the globe, needless to say, this series has not only been a stroke of good luck for the hero like every other movie but also a lucky charm for the villain characters. Yes, you guessed it right we are heading to an appreciation paragraph for all the actors who played the negative roles throughout the film and left a lasting impact on the audience, not only with their acting skills but with their wardrobe as well. Taking you to the second last film that came out in 2012, Batman And The Dark Knight Rises when Tom Hardy was castes against Christian Bale, and what an outstanding performance he gave. The character of Bane was shown as a furious one who had a childhood trauma that turned him into a man full of rage. Moving forward, the dialogue delivery was a remarkable aspect of the film to have ears on. Now coming towards the clothing, the Bane Leather Coat is a thing, like an actual thing that is desired by many where I thought I was the only one, I found out that is barely the truth. 

People all over the globe have occupied a fan following for Bane where they try to get their hands on most of the props used by this character in the film. From his mask to his apparel, people have been going crazy looking for it. Speaking of apparel, paying attention to detail there is a lot more to the Bane Leather Coat than it just being a common leather blazer. With Faux Fur shearling on the shirt-style large collar, the jacket opens the front with the loop-style button closure. As I talk about the front closure, the cuffs if you notice have the same loop-style closure which adds consistency to the fashion. The jacket is crafted out of real leather is another thing nevertheless its styling remains the center of attention, with two horizontal open welt chest pockets and two patched-style flap pockets at the waist together with two pockets on the inside, it also proves to be having room for necessary carriages. Last but not least the jacket is more than usual in length with single vent detail at the back. The overall texture of this jacket has rough that of distressed leather with a tint of dark brown. 

The Bane Leather Coat is in high demand. Men want to buy to imitate the look of the Bane for which they have been searching it on different stores, whether it be online or a physical shop. Men have really been eager to get it however in such high demand the sellers tend to increase the price because of the fact that one will definitely buy it at any cost but here I came across a virtual internet store by the name of Distressed Jackets that displayed the same jacket with the label the dark knight rises bane coat with an easy price. Not gonna lie that it took me some time to digest the fact that neither there is any compromise made on the quality nor on the style which means a celebrity-inspired leather coat is on sale on an online store that is one hundred percent screen accurate stitched with plenty of heeds paid to the details, done by the best of craftsman just to be sold at an economical price? Does not sound very likely to happen but this store made it possible.

It is when I was searching for a bright red high-waist leather blazer when this bane jacket came across my feed and I could not hold myself from giving it a look to find out the absolute details that explained how the jacket is worth buying together with all the features it had whereas the price seems favorable in comparison to other stores that sold the same design but at a pretty higher price this lead me to write this blog to give you a guide for if you are looking for this bane jacket, here is where you need to go to get your closet a trendy article at a lower cost.