5 Pantry Essentials That You Have Always Skipped

Grocery shopping might be the most difficult task of the month. There is absolutely nothing good about it, except entering the snack section and filling your trolley with everything that will keep you satisfied for the month. I see your trolley filled with a large pack of smarties, a family-size container of Nutella, a carton of coke, and a large pack of Doritos. Seeing all this makes me and every other nutritionist say just one thing “May God have mercy on the poor body that will have to bear the weight of it."

Even if you know your trolley is full of junk and can be your one-way ticket to a very serious disease. But you still refuse to empty it because you don't know any better. But I do and here I am all ready to share it with you too. A few pantry essentials can cleanse your trolley off of this junk and still satisfy your cravings and sweet tooth. 

 1- Strawberries

 You are laying on your couch and are dying to have a bite of something sweet. Now you have two options; a bucket of ice cream loaded with sugars and a bland and not even sweet slice of bread with something on it. Go for neither. Instead, try the taste bombs called strawberries. These have the perfect amount of sweetness with loads of fiber and essential vitamins. Even a plate full of these will do no harm to you. Also, strawberries can be the handiest snacks possible. Want to taste something different, dip them in dark chocolate, want a cold dessert, toss them in a little cream.

 2- Dark Chocolate

 People who don't love chocolate seem weird to me. How can they not? Chocolate can make everything fun. Even bananas taste good with chocolate. It is highly unlikely that you don't put at least a box of your favorite chocolate in your cart. The issue of dispute here is not chocolate but the type of it. 

 This time, try eating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. We are made to believe that it is the sugar in the chocolate that makes us a chocolate addict, but there is a lot more to a little bar of chocolate. Chocolate even bitter can be addicting, you just need to accustom your taste buds to the distinct taste. 

 3- Greek Yogurt

 Want to go on a healthy diet but are dreading the green salads you will have to eat? Put a cup of greek yogurt in your fridge and you will not have to worry about anything tasting bad again. Dress your vegetables in some greek yogurt and they will start tasting good. Greek yogurt is loaded with good calcium and probiotics with minimal calories. It can be your best friend, satisfying your taste buds and keeping you healthy. 

 4- Peanut Butter

 I know that you love your Nutella and you will not allow anything to replace it. But for once on my advice try peanut butter and watch yourself getting hooked to it. Let's compare the two; Your Nutella lies that it is a hazelnut spread. In reality, it says so to deceive you into thinking that it is healthy whereas it is just loaded with sugar and synthetic essences. My peanut butter actually contains peanuts and you know how healthy peanuts are. Your Nutella offers nothing but sugar, my peanut butter offers a variety from no sugar to sweet as honey. 

 So replacing your Nutella with a good peanut butter spread will sinch in your waist and expand your health. 

 5- Nuts

 You obviously love them on top of your favorite dessert or in your milkshake but have you ever tried them on their own. On a nutritionist's advice start your day with a hand full of nuts and see how your day goes. You will be more active, more productive and above all more healthy, that too for the rest of your life. 

 Nuts contain healthy fats that show a protective effect on your heart, brain, and overall health. These are also loaded with proteins and are somewhat low in carbohydrates making them a perfect fit for any healthy diet. Nuts can make everything a thousand times tastier and healthier. Add them to your milk it will taste better, add them to your salad it will taste crunchier, add them to your breakfast bowl it will taste toastier.


 Going on a diet is not everyone's cup of tea. It is not very feasible too. So the best you can do to stay healthy is to add little things to your diet that will help you in the longer run. Losing weight is not everyone's goal, neither it should be but staying healthy should be everyone's goal and this can be done best by taking a good diet. Little do we realize that every morsel of food we eat shows its effect one way or another. So if at present you are satisfied with eating junk because it makes you happy, you shouldn't be. a few years down the line and you will be cursing the same food, when god forbade you will get diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes.


 The first step to eating healthy is to know what's right and no one can tell you this better than a nutritionist. So, consult a nutritionist now through Marham.pk.