Which Kinds and Features Staff Scheduling Software Offer Businesses?

Work-life balance is an issue which employees are facing due to outdated scheduling methods. A last-minute change in shifts affects their personal life. If we talk about mangers, they have to spend daily 3-4 hours daily on employee scheduling. Some other tasks need their attention but they get ignored because of employee scheduling.

Employees and managers both are facing problems due to an outdated system. The business has to use another method named Staff Scheduling Software. By using this software employees don’t have to spend their precious time on employee scheduling and employees also don’t have to face work-life conflict.

But the point is how this software is going to solve all problems of employees and managers? To address this first we have to understand what kind of employee scheduling software are available and what kind of features this software is offering.

Kinds of Software:

Static Scheduling Software:

This software is for those businesses that work on predefined duties of employees. They have already set which employee will do which shift in 24 hours. This software remembers the rotation of employees. Send notifications to them on their shifts.  This type of software is preferably suitable for the hospitality industry.

Dynamic Scheduling Software:

This software is suitable for that business which assigns different duties to different staff members and in different locations. This software ensures the elimination of any kind of scheduling conflict by ensuring a real-time update on who needs to be available at a specific time slot.

If you go for the most advanced product you can find both kinds of software in one software. This software is available in two kinds of deployment.

Web-Based Deployment:

This type of deployment makes access to the information easy if someone knows the login credentials. No downloading is required to access data and it also assures you the safety of data. You can avail this service on monthly basis as long as you want to use it.

On-Premise Deployment:

The software for storing information install on your server. It is only useful for those people who are working within your company. Additionally, they are expensive and you have to bear the maintenance and up-gradation cost. You have to backup data regularly to keep information safe in case of replacement of the software or a crash of your system.

Now let’s discuss which kind of features this software provides to make the process of employee scheduling easy.


Overview of Schedules:

Mangers have to look at an overview of schedules to identify the gap in schedules. Scheduling Software For Staff provides you with an overview of the weekly and monthly employee schedule. You just need to filter it by specific location, time, and day. You also access the names of employees who were on duty.

Management of Work:

This helps you in managing your work and let you focus on important tasks. It also helps you in balancing shifts of employees. By reviewing the data of shifts employees can fairly adjust schedules further to increase the trust of employees in management.

Assign Shifts Automatically:

In case any employee is unable to attend his shift this software automatically assign another employee that shift having a specific role. This has reduced the pressure of managers to find another employee to replace a specific employee.

Swapping of Shifts:

It is easy for employees due to this software to interchange shifts with each other. This software serves as a communication medium between them. Employees can also choose shifts of their choice. This has eliminated the risk of double bookings or an increase of workload on a specific employee.

Template of Schedule:

You just have to create a template of the schedule in software after that you can edit it any time. This has saved the time of managers of creating schedule again and again. This feature is available in both dynamic and static software.

Worker Profile Handling:

This software helps in storing employee information and documents. When you want to fill the role of a specific employee internally this will suggest employees with relevant specifications.

Accurate Projection of Resource:

This software accurately projects the need of the staff which you need for a specific slot based on the number of customers. Allocation of shifts based on previous experience is not always accurate. Real-time information is very beneficial in reducing your cost.


This software has proved its importance by solving all problems. Wellyx has all features which can make employee scheduling easy. For smooth operations of the business smooth staff scheduling is necessary.