The Many Different Shapes and Sizes of Custom Perfume Boxes


Many people love to enjoy smelling nice fragrances, but they don't want to spray the nasty chemicals into the air, so they buy a custom perfume box to keep their favorite scents fresh and their home's nice and clean. Customizing your own fragrance packaging is fun, easy, and inexpensive. There are so many choices when it comes to creating your own packaging. You can find cheap plastic ones from discount fragrance companies. You can get designer boxes from online or at your local craft store. Or you can design and make your own.

Limited Standard Boxes

The choices aren't limited to standard boxes, either. In addition to the standard, square shape, there are unique shapes to choose from. Styrofoam is great because it's lightweight, durable, and can be used in more locations besides just your bathroom. Some companies offer custom perfume packaging with a raised foil effect, which looks like old-fashioned Venetian glass. Both styles are great for adding scent to your laundry room, bathroom, or anywhere else you might need a little something extra to scent your house.

Sort of Fragrance Packaging

If you're trying to decide on what sort of fragrance packaging to use, you have several options depending upon what kind of smell you want. The most popular types of packaging include clear ones, some of which have bubbles or other effects to let the scent to escape while still letting the colors of the container to show through. Decorative types like colored envelopes or tulle can be used to dress up plain bottles or bags. When looking at custom perfume boxes printed with various flowery scents, think about what would look best in your bathroom or bedroom. For example, fresh roses, jasmine, and magnolia would certainly be attractive accents for any bathroom.

Purchasing Recycled Material

If you want your packaging to last for years, you might consider purchasing recycled material instead of paper. While this won't cost you as much as buying a new box, it will still be less than the expense of purchasing a new one. Recycled boxes can be found at most any store that recycles, and a lot of them can be reused by the company that sold them to you. For example, some companies that offer recyclable packaging print their own labels on the outside of the boxes so you can reuse them over again without having to worry about tearing them up or disposing of them in the trash.

Before you purchase the perfume boxes for your business, you should take a good look at some of the different designs available. While a simple floral design will probably do for most customers, there are plenty of other design options to consider. There are eco-friendly boxes and bags made of all natural materials such as bamboo or coconut wood. In addition to environmentally friendly boxes and bags, many custom manufacturers also offer custom printed labels that can be used for all of your customer care products. This includes cleaning supplies, soaps, detergents, and more.

Shopping of Custom Perfume Boxes

When shopping for custom perfume boxes, consider not only the shape and size of the boxes, but the sizes of the bottles that you need to ship to your customers. Depending on where you live, some types of perfumes may not be shipped in standard sizes. These include scented oils and bath salts, which must be shipped in bubble wrap or Styrofoam in order to keep fresh and fragrant. There are also sizes of perfumes that are not available in standard sizes, including those that are made in small bottles. Some manufacturers even make smaller bottles for use with compact disks and DVDs, among other things.


Another important aspect to think about when choosing the right types of perfume packaging is the different shapes that your custom perfume boxes come in. While some shapes are common, others are not, including hexagonal shapes, octagonal shapes, and even circular shapes. Shapes are an important option because they allow your perfumes to smell their best and to attract the attention of your customers. Perfume bottles come in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, round, oval, and even heart-shaped.

Style of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

With so many options available in shapes and sizes, there is sure to be a style of cosmetic packaging boxes that will meet any customer's specific needs. Custom perfumes boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, and it's a good idea to see what is available before making a final purchase. Your customers will appreciate being able to choose the right shape and size of their bottles of fragrance and will also be happy to receive their new custom perfume boxes with their bottles.