How to Combat Timecard Fraud With An Online Employee Time Clock

 If you manage a small business or even a big company, you know that it is part of your job to keep fraud to a minimum. It is a way to protect your employees, you, and your business. There are now unique tools on the market that help limit timecard fraud, and one of them is online time clock software. 

These tools can help you manage your business with ease and keep your team on the same page. You can keep track of everyone, ensuring that they are working when and where they are supposed to. As well as which projects they are working on. 

An online employee time clock will allow you to see who is being the most productive. Who you are spending most of your labor costs on and how you can be more profitable. Often labor costs are one of the most significant expenses of your business but also an essential one. You need a team to grow and be profitable, but you know there is a budget to stick to as an owner or manager. 

How Online Employee Time Clock Software Can Limit Fraud

There are so many reasons why you should be switching to an online timecard system. One of the biggest reasons is that it can limit fraud and help you save money. It can also help to ensure that everyone will get paid accurately. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that online employee time clock software can help reduce fraud and ultimately save you on labor costs.

Facial Recognition - Many new online time clock solutions offer a way to punch time through unique personal identifiers such as facial recognition. Whenever an employee punches in, an image will be taken to ensure they are who they say they are. This will help reduces instances of buddy punching amongst co-workers. You will be able to make sure punch information is captured in real-time and everyone is getting paid for hours actually spent working.

Punch Limiting - Other advanced features, such as punch limiting, allow you to set a timeframe an employee is allowed to punch in or out. This feature can be beneficial if you have employees who work remotely or out in the field and you aren’t able to see them in the office punching time physically. Punch limiting offered by online timesheet software not only reduces occurrences of time theft but allows you to turn your focus to more critical business operations instead of micromanaging your workers.

GPS Capture - If you have employees who are always on the road, online employee time clock software can help you keep track of them. When they punch in or out, you will be able to see their exact location and verify they’re working where they’re supposed to be. If you bill by the client, and there’s a discrepancy, you can use GPS information gathered to show the client precisely how much time was spent at their location. 

Real-time Punching - Every time an action is taken in the real-time employee tracking system, management can be notified. This includes when an employee punches in or out, if they’re late for a shift or if they missed punching in altogether. In instances where an employee misses a shift or is late, you can take action to find someone to cover for them, so you don’t suffer any profit losses. 

Making the switch may seem like a tedious task, but many online employee time clock solutions come equipped with training sessions that will help you set up the features you need. It can limit fraud, increase pay accuracy and keep records secure. It is the ultimate way to schedule and keep track of a team and its progress. Using this system has never been easier, and it can upgrade your business. If you want to take the next step and continue on a successful path, this is the tool for you.