3 ReliableTips For Golf Course Equipment Maintenance

If you are a golf course manager, one thing that demands your most attention is the golf course equipment.  From their purchasing to maintenance, you will have to employ the best  which is favorable to your budget.  Here are some expert recommendations that can help you in this regard:

#1 Have A Proactive Equipment Upgrade Plan

Having a proactive equipment upgrade plan serves two big purposes. First, it saves money on the increasing costs of maintenance of aging equipment. Second, it helps you take advantage of the new technologies that contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Tip: Whenever you upgrade to new equipment, make sure you choose high-quality equipment from a reputed brand like John Deere golf mowers. Investing in low-quality equipment because of low price may seem profitable at first. But, such investment will bring hefty maintenance expenses in the long run. Also, prefer high-quality Golf Equipment that makes your golf game better

#2 Prepare A 3-Year Capital Investment Plan

Each golf course should at least have a capital investment plan that can cover all the expenses for the next three years. The plan should include:

  • Each field equipment, along with their expected replacement dates.
  • The estimated cost of new equipment that is expected to be purchased each year.
  • Other unforeseen expenses.

Note: This plan must be evaluated and updated every year. It is helpful to involve a good mechanic in this process because he can help you estimate the machines’ maintenance costs.

#3 Consider The Total Cost of Ownership

Budget and schedule are key elements of the golf course equipment maintenance program. But how do you decide what is the right purchase?

By Checking The Total Cost of Ownership:  The ownership costs of machines involve more than just the initial purchasing cost. In fact, two machines whose initial cost is approximately the same can have very different ownership costs. Let us give you an example to understand what ownership cost is: Suppose you purchase a car. The amount you pay for the purchase is the initial purchasing cost. Apart from that price, you will have to pay for your vehicle’s registration, paperwork, maintenance, insurance, and other things that the law requires.

Factors to consider and compare ownership cost of equipment can be:

  • Versatility: Does the machine offer multiple uses?
  • Operating costs: includes energy consumption efficiency or how often the machinery requires a change of parts.
  • Maintenance costs: includes parts, labor, and downtime.
  • Ease of use and operator/mechanic training requirements.
  • The tax incentives that may be available for certain equipment, such as those with hybrid or electric technology.
  • Parts availability, technical assistance, and support

Ultimately, a successful golf course equipment management plan depends on having a broad perspective. The more you know about the cost and value aspects of these machines, the better you can make decisions. Stay tuned for our next post!