Top Features of a Fantasy Cricket App

Earlier, during a cricket match, the fans had a different level of thrill and excitement in them after every wicket fall, a scoring boundary, and a catch being taken excellently, chases down the wire, and a lot more. But in the present times, the scenario is even more thrilling with the ongoing trend of daily Fantasy cricketThese apps have turned to become an important part of the cricket-based lifestyle amongst the fans because no match can be complete without the use of these apps.

In the present times, when any cricket match is scheduled to take place, the fans start collecting details about the teams that are participating in the match, the place where the match will be held, conditions of the pitch, and different aspects. As the cricket fans are becoming more and more excited about the match, they get to know a lot of new things on a greater level. So, here is the top features of a fantasy cricket app that you must know: 

 1. Predicting key players 

The coaching staff of the cricket team rotates their players who take a lot of work pressure into consideration. So, this feature assures that you can find all the essential information about the players because of which you might end up losing all the important points.

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 2.Playing cricket quiz  

There are lots of add on quizzes that can add to the complete enjoyment that you get from fantasy cricket. These quizzes can help the users to enhance their cricket knowledge and you can also earn high valued coins that can prove you to be beneficial in all the upcoming contests. 

 3. Leader Board  

The reward points that you earn by joining the application games or by the transfer of cash and join contests related to cash. The points that you earn in every contest will collect and it can be helping you in getting up towards the leader board. 

 4. Prediction of winners 

There are a lot of in-app prediction quizzes that let the users predict the proper events after which they can earn reward points. They will also get to interact with a lot of cricket experts and know their opinions in the app itself. 

 5. Checking live scores 

Another remarkable feature of this app is that keeps all the tabs in viewing the live score of this match to help you in getting a clear picture of the points earned by your team at any random point of the match. This feature is a very important one if you want to shuffle your captains and players. 

These are some eminent features of a fantasy cricket app. You must consider these features before you download Gamezy for playing cricket online. You can earn a lot of rewards and prizes with the fantasy cricket app. You must try playing these games to get an exciting cricket experience. There are many fantasy cricket apps to choose from.