6 Steps To Ensure That Your Fullerton India Personal Loan Gets Approved


An emergency can catch you off-guard and sometimes be quite heavy on your pocket. The 2020 pandemic was one such situation which affected almost everyone around the world. Many people resorted to a financial instrument like a personal loan to finance their expenses. Fullerton India is a leading NBFC that offers personal loans at an affordable interest with a flexible loan repayment tenure.

Though the personal loan is an unsecured type of loan and the entire application and documentation processes have shifted online, some tips can ensure that your loan approval is hassle-free.  Fullerton India, one of the leading NBFCs  in India, offers personal loans to both salaried and self-employed professionals. If you are seeking Fullerton India personal loan Online, then follow the six steps mentioned below:

1. Know your requirement: The first and foremost step to get a loan from Fullerton India is to assess your requirement. No matter why you need the loan, be it for a medical reason, vacation, education or business, calculate your expenses first and then apply for the loan with Fullerton India. It will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and paying extra EMIs. 

2. Find your credit score: The second step is to know your credit score. The eligibility of your personal loan and the interest rate charged depends on your credit score. It is a healthy practice to keep a check on your credit score to avoid any errors that may hamper your personal loan approval. A CIBIL score of 750 or above is considered excellent and makes you a good loan candidate.

3. Check the Eligibility criteria: Fullerton India has other eligibility criteria for applicants applying for a personal loan. Some of the requirements include:

  1. Applicant should be a resident citizen of India.

  2. The applicant must be aged between 21 and 60. 

  3. For salaried professionals, minimum monthly income should be Rs 25,000 if residing in Mumbai or Delhi. 

  4. For salaried professionals living in other parts of India, minimum monthly income should be Rs 20,000.

  5. For self-employed individuals, the minimum yearly profit after tax is determined based on profession/industry.

As proof, the applicant has to submit all the required documents mentioned on Fullerton India website. 

4. Check for loan terms: Even if you think you are eligible for the personal loan, you can speak to a representative to understand the detailed criteria to get the loan, as well as the terms of the loan such as interest rates, fees and charges. Fullerton India offers a maximum personal loan of Rs 25 lakh at an interest rate starting from 11.99%. However, the actual loan terms offered to you will depend on your credit score, income, age and other details. Thus, make sure that you know and understand as much as you can before you apply for the loan. 

5. Check your EMI: Once you know the loan terms, you can now calculate your EMI using the Fullerton India EMI calculator. It will help you determine the monthly EMI that you will have to repay for the personal loan you are obtaining. The EMI depends on three factors — loan amount, interest rate and tenure. Any variation in even one of them will change the EMI. 

If you feel that the EMI is too high, you can reduce the EMI by either decreasing your loan amount, increasing your repayment tenure or negotiating on the interest rate being offered. 

6. Apply for a loan: Once you have checked all the above details, it is now time to apply for the loan. The entire loan procedure is now online with no need to visit the Fullerton India office. All you have to do is visit Fullerton India Personal Loan webpage and click on 'Apply Now'. 

You will be required to fill in all your details: professional, personal, income and banking details. In the next step, you will be required to upload personal loan documents such as Id proof, address proof, income statement, etc. Therefore, keep all the required documents handy before you decide to apply online. 

After submitting your application, if your application is considered eligible, then a customer care executive will call you to confirm the details and help you with further procedure. 


Personal loans are now increasingly becoming the go-to solution for all emergency financial needs. Due to their easy application and swift disbursal system, now anyone can get quick loan approval and access to funds securely from Fullerton India by following the steps mentioned above.