6 Recommendable Sites to Buy Photo Canvas Collage

A photo canvas collage is a fantastic way to frame an extensive collection of assorted photos on a stretched frame, taking your captured moments to a different level. One of the most beautiful things about a canvas collage is that it keeps all the priceless pictures altogether.

Similar to picture books, photo canvas collages have exploded in their popularity, thanks to the additional depth that it offers, adding an element of attraction to your ordinary pictures. Today, some of the best canvas printing services can help you convert your memorable moments into a piece of art.

Whether you are a fan of art or just want your walls to highlight some of the moments that you cherish, canvas prints can add that element of customization to your home. When you decide to buy a canvas collage, you opt for a personalized piece of affordable and highly customizable art.

Interestingly, a canvas photo collage can be easily accessed via various online stores. These stores make it easier, fast, and simple for everyone to get their canvas collage effortlessly. In India, numerous online stores offer such a service.

Steps to Get Your Canvas Collage

        First, you need to select a particular online store that will print your canvas photo collage, depending upon your budget and other requirements.

        Select the suitable frame size and other specifications depending on the photo collage you are planning to print.

        Import the photos to the platform and select the suitable layout that suits your taste.

        Once you are done with all the steps, it’s time to place the order. Post an order; it generally takes 15 days to receive your order, depending on the brand’s courier service.

Yes, getting your canvas collage is that simple! Now that you know how these collages add to your personalization bit, let’s have a look at the top websites to get your collage from.

Top 6 Websites to Buy Photo Canvas Collage

  1. Canvas Bubble:

Our list of recommendations starts with the Canvasbubble website that is one of the most active canvas photo collage websites. Designed with an interactive UI, the website focuses on delivering consistent quality prints. The platform presents users with a plethora of options that have been developed by 100 Canvas Specialists for over 20 years 

Further, users can also get their canvases printed from their social media platforms as Canvasbubble allows seamless integrations with Facebook & Instagram. Lastly, its supportive team of technical assistance is what makes Canvasbubble the top website to get your canvas.

  1. Canvaschamp:  

Canvaschamp provides you with all the services from designing & printing to getting your canvas photo delivered to your doorstep. This website allows the users to select from a wide range of personalized collages to get their perfect canvas; all of this, without getting into the mess of paper, glue stick, and all the other stuff required to make a canvas collage.

Interestingly, you can also add your personal touch to your piece at Canvaschamp. In case you are unsure about your art skills, consider selecting from the free templates offered by the site.

  1. CanvasPop:

CanvasPop is an easy to use collage builder that allows you to create and design photo collage easily and offers you water and fade-resistant canvas. This website requires you to upload your desired image and choose from the recommended sizes and select a suitable frame option. Post the selections; you have to select the layout and place your order.

After you are ready with your design, the design team will work on the color correction and lightning correction for a picture-perfect photo collage canvas. In addition, they also offer good discounts for their first-time customers. The website is renowned for providing museum-quality Canvas, ready to be hanged in your abode’s wall.

In case you are looking for excellent Canvas printing quality with a natural touch, and timely delivery, we suggest you go with CanvasPop as they also offer a reasonable price tag for all sizes of frames. Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the services, they also have a scheme for you, known as a money-back guarantee, where they will refund your money if the promised quality is not offered.

  1. Mixbook:

Mixbook provides you with a high-quality photo collage canvas with a plethora of customization options. This website allows you to customize your Canvas according to your desire and get the best quality at an affordable price point with an intuitive UI. They offer you secure payments and quick delivery, with several templates on offer. Further, you can also suggest your customized design to their team, effortlessly.

A trusted and reliable website, Mixbook offers you attractive pricing and high-quality printing services. With their real-time customer services, you can also get online assistance if you face any issues in the process of creating or designing your photo collage Canvas. Moreover, the sag-resistant print fabric that they offer, aids in providing top-notch finishing.

  1. Shutterfly:

if you are looking for quality work at an affordable price point, then Shutterfly is an excellent option for you. The website excels in offering high-quality photo Canvas along with rigid frames and an affordable price point.

Thanks to their intuitive UI, the website is effortless to use and allows you to see which part of the frame will be stretched, to design it accordingly. The print they offer is of excellent quality, and is UV protected, making it a fade-resistant product that will continue to shine effortlessly. However, you need to ensure that you keep it away from direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

  1. Snapfish:

One of the most reliable printing services on our list, you can reach out to Snapfish if you are looking forward to printing photo collage. The website offers high-quality frames at an affordable price point. One of the best features about Snapfish is that they provide 3 to 5 days delivery, which is fantastic considering the amount of work that will go into the photo collage Canvas.

However, one drawback of their website is that they don’t offer any online assistance. Therefore, it might be an issue if you are new to this field. But, designing and getting your photo collage Canvas is not rocket science, so we are sure you can efficiently deal with it without any assistance.


Photo collage Canvas is a budding trend with numerous online sites dealing with canvas and its customization, where you can get one effortlessly and at a reasonable price point. Mentioned above are some of the top five websites where you can get reliable and top-quality services if you plan to get a photo collage Canvas for yourself. All the best with your canvas shopping experience!