The Festive Season Calls For Some Gifts

Saying bye-bye to summers and welcoming the cold and breezy winters bring along a ton of merry some reasons. Time to wear those nice cosy clothes, leathers and feathers, boots and overcoats but above all welcome the festivals. The much-awaited, heartwarming season of festivals has knocked our doors. With Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Christmas, New Years all lining up, a lot of excitement but a lot of decision making as well have turned up. It is an utterly delightful time of the year undoubtedly, but we are all still stressing over the preparations, invitations and gifts. 

To take away your confusions and make your festive season blissful and fulfilling here are a few gifts and preparation ideas.

Heart-warming personalized gifts 

Gifts take the longest time to be decided. And especially if they are out of the box. This year get customized gifts online that bring along the opportunity of personalization and creativity. Be it mugs, pillows, bottle lamps, photo frames, t-shirts with printed pictures, quotes or sceneries, this idea is always a deal maker.

A bunch of extravagant gifts

Trying to accomplish something beyond imagination, then go for an overly flamboyant one. A crockery set, an attire to go with the occasion, a designer jewellery piece or something in that category of items may work. It's very occasion-like and completes the whole vibe of festivity.

Gift hamper for loved ones

A gift hamper is the best, most exciting present possible. The thought of many gifts inside one gives butterflies.  And with new hampers like beauty kits, body care products and cosmetics for womens, it's a show stopper. Hampers for men with bows, ties, socks, grooming kits are also winning hearts.

Gracious God idols

With each festival, we pray to god. Each festival has its importance and history. Gifting Bal Ganesha for Diwali, a pendant of Christ for Christmas can be some good options. They are very often seen in practice and also make up for side gifts along with the main and big presents that you give. They are like a token of well wishes and happiness.

Through the mind-boggling stress of finding the perfect gifts, let's switch on to some exotic examples of preparations for the coming festive season.

A theme party

Theme parties may seem tiring but are very fun and participatory. Creating your themes, and designing some lavish parties is a whole other ordeal. For instance, going for a costume party wherein dressing like our idols could be an idea and then changing into some jammies for the night time after-party can be great.

A colour coded party

It is often seen in weddings where people dress in the same colours and rock the same kind of jewellery and attire. This festive season you too could try something of that league. Deciding on a colour like yellow, blue, green or any other and coding a specific cultural theme like putting on sarees, suits ,and kurta-pajama could be fun and different.

Short trips to heavenly places

On festive days people tend to go out of their homes to select locations, mini-trips or maybe visiting their relatives who live far away. Festive time gives us holidays and some extra days to enjoy with our families. To celebrate together, meetup and pray together is a whole other divine feeling.

A bonfire

Just sitting and sipping coffee can get on your nerves a little. But what when you merge it with some dance and drama. Organize a bonfire, invite your friends and families, play games like Dumb Charades and musical chairs, order some hot and delicious food served fuming and spicy. Remember, getting some cold drinks, beverages and mojitos are also vital.

With the festive season coming once a year, it's time to forget all worries and mix in the colours and vibes of the festivals. Hearing some church bells, lighting some diyas, coming out of the shell and living all dreams is what the festive time is all about. Fulfil all your dreams, bless your loved ones with gifts and wishes. This auspicious season of festival is waiting for you. 

Get ready with tons of presents, dresses all ironed and prepared. Just gear up and set the stage on fire this festive season.