How to Become IT Help Desk Technician

In the pool of technology, IT help - desk - technicians play the most important role to the Info-Tech industry as employees because they are keeping the techs which companies are relying on to maintain the organization and run smoothly. All the same, they offer mechanical support, as well as troubleshooting facilities towards end-users who require further help with their computer software or hardware. Moreover, there are two major kinds of IT help desk technician, first one is remote and second is in-house. Remote help-desk technicians are supporting technology consumers with the help of online platforms, smartphones, and rarely on-site. On the other way, in-house experts only offer support for the internal workforces.

Help-desk technicians are requiring a thorough understanding of computer software and hardware. Great skills of communication are also necessary since they must efficiently communicate resolutions to the mechanical and non-technical person. The career pathway is a role model for systematic problem-solvers along with a capability to learn and rapidly adapt the newest skills. However, endurance, inventiveness, and an aspiration to assist others are the most wanted qualities in the IT help-desk roles.

How to Become a Help Desk Technician

A lot of experts of IT take the initiative of their career like to become a help desk technician as there is a reason for minimum experience and academic requirements. Another main reason to opt for this career is they are experiencing the newest Info-Tech disciplines and techs they identify their position and take a new direction in different IT career paths. Other specialists would stay at the help desk and influence their experience on account to turn out to be a help-desk technician executive.

If you are interested to turn into a help-desk technician then initially you have to do with a high-school diploma or something comparable to it. However, few of the jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree are in the field of computer science or any similar field. Though, some other help desk technician jobs only demand associate degrees, as well as on-the-job training. In such kind of programs, a person would learn the fundamentals of the software, hardware, and networking to attain the abilities you oblige for this potential career.

A college-level degree isn’t usually a prerequisite for initial level help-desk roles, whereas - it might assist a person to catch the interview and their desired job quicker. As well as at a high paying designation - as compared to those applicants who don’t have a degree. For the ones who follow formal learning, courses like ITIL foundation certification, assist desk managers, mechanical support, and networking management all offer a strong base to help desk tech career pathway. In a case, a person wants a college education, but - they are not interested in the time duration of two or four years of the degree program.

On-demand sets of skills to looking for in an IT help-desk specialist degree program consist of PC reparation, network administration, Operating System placement and configuration, InfoSec, desktop and smartphone device trouble-shooting, and soft skills such as customer service, as well as written and oral communication. For the help-desk technicians, Info-Tech certificates are offering a feasible substitute or complement to credited degree programs.

The certificates of Network+ and A+ are the perfect ones to take an initiative since they are introducing the necessary Info-Tech domains and also offer valued insight into the Information Technology substructure. The A+ prospectus comprises a strong customer service feature - which is a major component in these days’ business-focused Info-Tech job market. Another phase in your help-desk certificate tracking might be getting the expertise of a renowned OS.

With the arrival of most recent online models and PC hardware-packages that would be sent to remote candidates, help desk experts training is working in a great manner in the format of distance learning. A lot of academic programs provide help-desk internships that enable the candidates to keep practicing their newest skill sets in a working setting.

IT Help Desk - Skills and Responsibilities

Typical daily basis duties and highly demanded set of skills for Info-Tech help-desk technicians consist of these. Help desk experts are:

·         Provide training end-users on how to set up and make use of the newest technologies

·         Identify computer errors and offer mechanical support.

·         Troubleshoot hardware, software, and networking related problems.

·         Backup and bring back the system and data files of an organization.

·         Installation, configuration, and update PC software as well as OS.

·         Clean and restore computer hardware, just like printers and keyboards.

·         Remote Info Tech help desk pros offer mechanical support via smartphone or Website.

·         Remote help-desk technicians sometimes utilize particular help-desk support software as a way to take the influence of the end-users’ computers to identify, troubleshooting, and solve critical issues.

IT Help Desk Technician Career Options

IT help-desk technicians offer assistance with mechanical issues that are faced by computer consumers. IT technicians are competent in skills of customer service along with technical expertise and have to get ready to manage a wide range of technical problems and the issues of the customer. In the meanwhile, IT help desk technicians are working with the help of smartphones or electronic mail to solve the problems of software and hardware for their consumers. They are enough proficient to identify technical problems and teach consumers ways to resolve problems. Skillful help-desk technicians might get a job as:

·         App expert

·         Software or hardware support specialists

·         End-user support employee

·         Call center agents

Career Advancement

The experts of IT help-desk support might make advancement in their potential career options by obtaining associate level or degree of bachelor’s in the domain of computer science, networking or system management or else in different computer-related fields. To sum up, these help-desk technicians possess wide-ranging knowledge regarding computer networks. However, they often learn the fundamentals and turning out to be certified to keep working with a single system of a company. Great communication skills are also a must-have for the IT help-desk technicians, as they are making interactions with the consumers in a direct way to solve problems.