Shed Some Pounds Off With Yoga For Weight Loss

 Are you struggling to lose some weight? Do you want a toned body? How about giving yoga for weight loss a try? Just in case you are wondering how the easy-going flow of yoga can help you lose fat and gain muscles, you might have not seen the full extent of yoga practice.

There are various forms of yoga that put so much intensity on your body that after each yoga session, you gasp for air. Therefore, when practiced properly, you shed some pounds off while putting a decent amount of muscles on your body frame.

Here’s a list of yoga poses that you can follow to have a wholesome yoga practice. Keep reading.

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Boat Pose
To start with, sit straight with your legs extended in front of you. Slowly bend your knees and lift your legs up. Make sure that your shins are parallel to the floor while lifting your arms up in front of you, placing them along with your legs.

Boat pose strengthens your core muscles, and burn down calories to initiate weight loss journey. Moreover, it trains your whole body while improving your sense of balance.

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Plank Pose
Get on your all-fours while keeping your hips in alignment with your knees and your shoulders directly over your palms. Slowly put your elbows on the floor while walking your legs to the back. Balance your body on your elbows and feet.

When you balance your weight on your legs and shoulders, you work against gravity, challenging your body to grow. It further enhances your ankles’ mobility, and improve the flexibility of your Achilles tendon.

Shed Some Pounds Off With Yoga For Weight Loss

Shoulder Stand
Start with lying on the floor with your body completely relaxed. Gently rise your legs in the air with a push, and bring your arms to your back to support your lower back. Balance your legs in the air by keeping them in alignment with your shoulders.

Since shoulder joints are the weakest point of your body, shoulder stand increases the strength as well as the range of motion of your shoulders. It also increases the blood flow in your shoulders to initiate muscle growth along with fat loss.

Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations consists of 12 yoga asanas that are practiced in a sequence that in itself acts as a complete workout session. It engages your whole body, forcing you to stretch, and balance your body to make you stronger and flexible.

A cycle of yoga poses enables you to target different parts of your body, specifically targeting areas of your body carrying excessive fat. 

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Triangular Pose
Start with standing your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your arms to your side. Slowly bend forward to touch your left hand to your left leg without bending your left leg. Once your hand have a contact with your foot, raise your body up and repeat on your right leg.

It targets your love handles that have the most fat in the human body. Also, it works on your oblique muscles to sharpen your abdomen and to tighten it more.

Thus, you can have a decent physique if you practice yoga regularly and with high-intensity. Another huge benefit of practicing yoga is that your body doesn’t adapt since the sequence is always changing, pushing your weight loss journey to greater heights. You can always join a yoga fitness center to give a push if you feel stuck somewhere.