Basic Yoga Stretches For Beginners You Ought To Know

Although yoga is an ancient practice, it has gained huge popularity in recent years. Right from kids to elders, everyone has adopted the practice of yoga in their lives.

Studies have shown that yoga heals almost everything. It is not only about gaining balance and flexibility, one can expect some crazy health benefits with the practice of yoga. From fighting against stress, anxiety, and depression, it also assists in reducing migraines, back pains, over weight problems, etc. If you are new to yoga and want to try doing some basic yoga stretches for beginners, this post is the perfect match.

Yoga For Beginners:

  • Headstand

(Sanskrit Word: Sirsasana)

Headstand stimulates and provides proper blood to a number of glands that help in the overall functionality of the body. Not only does it strengthens your core and abdominal area, but also increases upper body strength and stamina. 

  • Wheel Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Urdhva Dhanurasana)

The benefits of wheel pose are numerous, including increased spine flexibility, strengthened muscles of arms, legs, and lower back, and a great chest opening excercise. As a chest opener, this pose will also help you maintain balance and stimulate the heart chakra. 

  • Crow Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Bakasana)

Crow pose assists in strengthening the  entire arm region. Additionally, it tones the abdominal muscles and the organs of the torso, while stretching your upper back and groin. Bakasana also improves balance and full-body coordination.

  • Boat Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Navasana)

Navasana is a balancing pose that strengthens the abdominal muscles, back and hip flexors. It also tones the digestive organs while improving the flexibility of the legs. This pose requires endurance and strong will power to hold therefore, the pose also develops a strong mind. 

  • Camel Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Ustrasana)

Camel pose is a liable pose that gives a good stretch to the back and is known to open the heart chakras. Camel pose needs to be practiced under the supervision of an expert as it's not an easy asana to cope up with and should be avoided by people having health problems related to blood pressure. 

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  • Bow Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Dhanurasana)

Bow pose helps in stretching the entire front body while simultaneously strengthening every single muscle in the back. This pose majorly improves spinal flexibility and posture. Additionally, it helps in opening the chest, abdomen, ankles, hip flexors, groin, and throat. 

  • Warrior III

(Sanskrit Word: Virabhadrasana III)

Warrior pose, as the name suggests, is an intense pose that has a multi-tasking ability. It encourages respiration and good circulation of blood. It strengthens your shoulders, arms, and back. It also improves focus, balance, and stability. 

  • Half Moon Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Ardha Chandrasana)

Ardha Chandrasana challenges the body, balance, and mind. Half moon pose is a pose that, once understood, lays the foundation for more advanced poses for yoga. This pose will inform you that dedication, surrender, falling, and laughing are all a part of the practice. 

  • Plank Pose

(Sanskrit Word: Kumbhakasana)

Plank pose is a strength training pose that works on all major abdominal muscles, while strengthening your shoulders, chest, neck, and back muscles. This pose mainly works on contracting the muscles by solely holding one fixed position.  

Whatever yoga poses you're working on, remember that yoga is not about perfection. It's about progress and  the union with the mind, body, and soul.  

Give your best while immersing yourself in the practice of yoga. Namaste! 

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