How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Today, selling on Instagram is a very useful alternative, especially for those who do not want to take the risk of opening a store or for sellers who do not have enough budgets. However, the fact that we see that the big brands carry out their sales and marketing activities on Instagram shows how great Instagram has the potential.

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram has a great potential in marketing and advertising; but to use this potential efficiently is through understanding the Instagram structure. Knowing the Instagram structure well will enable you to convey the content you create to wider audiences. In this way, increased interaction will allow you to get better feedback from the campaigns.  

Let's take a look at how Instagram algorithm works in 2020 to highlight your company or personal account. 

First of all interaction

First, let's take a look at what happens when we post a photo on Instagram and make a start that will resolve some questions that come to mind. For example, why do some of your posts stay at the top of your followers' hours for hours, while some of your content is lost in other posts?
Answer: Whether the content you create is in the foreground or disappears by disappearing is completely related to the interaction it receives.

Interaction of shared contents with users

1) When you post a photo on Instagram, your post reaches a small part of your followers.

2) Afterwards, Instagram examines how your post has interacted with your followers in a short time. Likes, comments are impressive elements in this context.

3) After sharing the content, the time of the content you share on the Instagram side is taken as a value. It is compared with the post you shared earlier on the same hour and day. E.g; the post you made on this Tuesday at 10:00 is compared to the post you made at 10:00 on the last week. It is examined whether it gets less or more traffic. In this context, predicting the timing of your target audience actively and entering your shares in that process will increase the interaction.

4) If your photo gets a lot of interaction; Instagram will show your content to more followers. Maybe even Instagram will let you go to the "discover" page.  To make use of this thousands of people inflate their

5) Briefly, the content you create is presented to a certain audience and the interaction is tested and the audience is increased or decreased by Instagram according to the response received.

Having good follower relationships is the most natural way to increase your interaction
Social media aside; In our daily relationships, we share more with the people we love and the people nearby. In this way, we have more information about them. It allows you to interact with people with whom you have strong relationships, as in reality, on Instagram. For good followers relationship, you’ll need to have a handsome number of followers first. Generate quality content to get more Instagram followers organically. Otherwise you can buy 10k Instagram followers from a trusted service provider for your new account. Starting with a god followers count may take your account to new heights. If you see a company or a person on your Instagram page, here are the reasons:

How does Instagram choose who will post your posts?

1) Users with which you have high interaction

If you regularly like some users' posts and comment. Instagram will think you have a strong relationship with these people and will highlight their posts on your page; or your posts will appear on their pages.

2) Timing

Instagram always wants to present and promote new content to users. Thanks to the hashtags you use in your content, your posts will be directed to the page of users who are related to the subject and use similar hashtags in many searches or posts. In this context, predicting how many users are active in the sharing time you make will make you stand out.

3) Likes and Comments
As we mentioned before, as the number of likes and comments about your content increases, the percentage of posts you create will increase on your followers' page. To make use of this thousands of people inflate their engagement numbers by buying instagram likes and other types of engagement from companies like BuzzVoice.

4) Direct Shares

If you 
shared a direct post with a private message to a user. Instagram thinks that you have a tight connection with this person and puts forward the display of the content shared by this user.

5) Profile searches

users search for each other's accounts, Instagram perceives this situation as a clue and enables these people to connect with each other.

Tips to highlight your Instagram posts

In the section above, we shared the information about how the Instagram algorithm works. Now, let's discover how we can highlight the posts we have created with this management by using this information;

1) It is important when you share. Knowing when your followers are on Instagram will strengthen your post. You can check out "Squarelovin" for times when your followers are active and more.

2) If you have an Instagram account that you use for your company. By accessing the Instagram Insights page, identify the content you get the most interaction with. You can determine the range of content you will create in the future.
3) If you create the language you use in the posts you have made in a more natural and daily speech energy, people will value your shares and you will have the chance to create more interaction with your users. Sometimes asking a question, criticizing life, talking about daily news and finding content related narration will increase the interest in your page by increasing the interaction with your followers.

4) Pay attention to Instagram story feature and create daily stories; because Instagram also takes into account story interactions in its featured articles. If someone looks at the content you share in your story and throws a comment, your content will have a high chance of reaching the next time you share it.


As a result, believing in the content you will create and representing you will be the most important point in this context. Also, if the page you created is at the beginning level; You can get new followers suitable for your target audience with hashtags suitable for the content you share.
When information is used, do not stop using Instagram insights; because the data you received in the past will shed light on the content you will create in the future.