DIY Flower Art as a gift for all occasions

Well quite often it happens that we just have a lot of work to do and don't have spare time to give gifts to people or maybe last minute we all have planned everything that you are going to wear what would be a makeup nails shoes but weed remember that we haven't yet planned what to give other people as a gift. And that is why it came into my mind that there has to be a solution to all these things and that there should be a gift that we can very easily make at home within 10 minutes and reach the party on time. 
So first let us look at the things you need for this DIY and they are microwavable flower press or fabric iron, two-dimensional flowers and leaves, paper, glue, glitter, pastel or spray colors, and photo frame. And the best part is that online flower delivery in gurgaon is available so you can easily try this at home. Let's make the gift now - 

1) Microwavable Method

So the very first thing you need to do is buy flowers online or borrowed from the neighbor rocket from someone's garden or maybe you have flowers at home that were given to you in some of the other forms so make sure you cut two-dimensional flowers out of them and then keep the flowers in the microwavable flower press cover it with the form but also comes with it and cover it with another land and all you have to do is microwave it only for 30 seconds and your perfect two-dimensional leaves and flowers would be ready. You can also do the same thing with you can send flowers online but they won't dry very much so you can also use its petals to make outlines or another flower from them. 

2) Iron press method

Another method for drawing flowers and making the same flower art is quite popular in Asia and all you have to do is heat an iron used for fabric but don't heat it too much, keep the heat medium and then keep the flowers under a muslin cloth or any other cotton cloth. After one minute your flowers would have dried. And if they are colorful flowers that leave their color then this method would also work for a scarf. 

3) Stick them on the paper

Now that your flowers are dried you can stick them on the paper with the help of any glue that you have and then if you want to add more artistic touch to your flowers then you can add colors to them you can even use gold silver spray colors or maybe even glitter paint wood do but make sure that you apply these colors at least after 2 hours when the flowers and leaves are completely set on the paper and it would be better if you use spray colors that way you want to spoil the pattern. You can send cake and flowers to Bangalore along with your gift. 

4) Place them in the frame

Now the last step of all is to purchase a photo frame and then add the sheet inside the photo frame and you are all set to go just make sure you cover the gift well in a box and give it in a classy manner. And if you don't find the frame quirky enough to give it a gift you can also use the same spray colors to paint the frame and you can be as creative as you want to add as many colors and flowers you want to on the outer layer of the photo frame. This would also make up for a perfect last-minute Valentine's Day gift along with Valentine's day roses maybe of sunset red, pink, wine, purple, and various other combinations. 

5) How to use three-dimensional flowers for art?

Now you must be wondering if you have done great work with two-dimensional flowers but how to do it with three-dimensional flowers so the best thing to do is flatten them with the rolling pin in between cloth and then try them using any one of the two methods. But make sure you flatten them lightly while still preserving their juice.