Are You Even A Sister If You Haven’t Played 5 Pranks On Your Brother?

We know that the taste of revenge is sweet. However, this is sheerly applicable to funny and healthy revenge. Not the one that is taken out for jealousy or hatred. The healthiest way to take out the sweet revenge on your siblings would be playing pranks with them. Believe me; it's more of a fun experience and bursts you and your sibling into laughter. Well, your brother must have pranked you a thousand times, and you are just waiting for one right prank to take your revenge.

However, here mentioned 5 pranks are the most often pranked pulled out by almost every sister on her brother, in case you missed them, you can go for them now. This is the best time to take out your prank revenge on your brother since Raksha Bandhan is almost here! Before you make a final call, buy some rakhi gifts online for your brother in case he finds your pranks overboard. So, let’s get started!

Closet Attack!

If you have already played this prank on him, do you remember the horrified look on his face? It is one hilarious prank to carry out. The big machi brothers of ours look really funny when terrified. Now, the rules of this prank are pretty simple. You have to hide away in your brother’s closet just before he comes out from the shower. Make sure you stay away from his socks drawer. As soon as he pulls the handle of the drawer, just jump upon him and roar. In case your brother is soft-hearted, maybe a “boo” will do! You can use this incident against him for years.

Ring The Doorbell & Run:

So, let’s test your brother’s patience with this one. When you and your sibling are home alone, you too leave the house for some work. Now, hide somewhere outside your home and bell the door’s bell. Run as fast as you can after ringing the bell and hide in the safe place again. Your brother would be really startled but will ignore it for the first time. Repeat the prank a few times till your brother makes a new strategy to catch the prankster. Now what? Don’t show up on the doors for hours and tell him about the prank the next day.

Make Most Of His Sleep:

We know how our brothers sleep like they are never going to wake up[, right? That’s when you can prank him. You can put some whipped cream on his face while he is sleeping. He would be licking it in his sleep. Or you can also apply some basic makeup on his face. Like lipstick and blusher would do. Take as many pictures as you can and upload them on different social media handles and do not forget to tag your brother.

Let’s Drench Him:

Place a bucket full of water over a door. Make sure your parents do not pass through the door. Ask him to get your something urgent from that room. Keep your camera ready, and as soon as he falls in the trap, capture the whole moment. You can sprinkle the salt on his wounds by offering him a towel or dry clothes with a wicked smile on your face. 

Put Soft Cotton In His Footwear:

So, when you place the soft cotton in his footwear, he will definitely wear the shoes without any suspicion. However, he will feel something crawling inside his shoes after a few minutes. Trust me; he will take off his shoes in such a scary way that it will be written all over his expressions. Later on, enquirer about what he thinks of inside his shoes. Maybe a cockroach would be an expected answer.

So, with these 5 funny and hilarious pranks, make sure you enjoy the most. I bet you will laugh with the same intensity even after many years when you will think about them. Also, you will have some fun stories to share with your cousins and relatives and also with your children and his children in future. You can book for an online rakhi delivery to hyderabad to surprise him to make him feel less miserable for losing to pranks pulled by you.