IVF Doctor suggests How to Stay Safe During Pregnancy


Mannat Fertility: Stay Home & Stay Safe in Pregnancy

At this time of Coronavirus crisis, pregnant women should be extra careful. You may definitely know that it spreads through coughs, sneezes or other respiratory droplets released in the air by an infected person with Coronavirus. It can also pass through the surface or anything that is touched by an infected person. Researchers are working harder to study about this virus and how it affects our lives and the lives of pregnant women.

The hopeful and existing assessments are based a lot in studies published on The Lancet about nine pregnant women in Wuhan in their third trimester, who were infected by COVID-19 with pneumonia. The relieving fact is that none of them had severe illness and they delivered healthy babies. So, the risk of transmission is very low and there is still lack of evidence that can prove any fetal malformations due to infection of women.

But pregnant women are highly responsible to take care of themselves and their unborn child. You need to do it the right way by taking guidelines seriously. Women are prone to be severely ill in pregnancy due to flu. It is the main reason why you need to worry of COVID-19. Pregnancy affects the immune system of a woman. In addition, the uterus and fetus squash other organs in later stages, along with the lungs. Some areas in the lungs cannot be able to spread air and they become more prone to infection.

What are the options in case of symptoms?

If you have trouble breathing and you fall ill with fever, cough or other symptoms, you should call your healthcare provider and stay at home. Call your antenatal care or midwife if you fall ill with Coronavirus and tell them about your condition. They will give instructions on how to proceed with delivery plans and appointments during illness.

A lot of hospitals are focusing on priority testing of women who are pregnant and have symptoms of COVID-19. There is a huge need for isolation of pregnancy wards from confirmed cases of Coronavirus, extra care for women in case of delivery, elevation of care for respiratory diseases, and in breathing complications.

Stay Home

Government has been taking further steps to avoid crowds in public places. Pregnant women shouldn’t go out to avoid infection. If you have to go out for some reason, cover your face with a mask. Don’t touch the mask instead of straps to remove and wear it. Maintain social distancing of 1 metre at least from others. 

Learn about the disease

Learn about the potential symptoms of flu and Coronavirus so you can call your healthcare provider in case you have respiratory problems or fever, or even diarrhea.  If you have come in contact with anyone tested positive, monitor your temperature and be aware of those symptoms. Seek advice from the doctor about testing and care.

Go for telemedicine help

It is very vital to get regular checkups during pregnancy for you and your baby’s health. To reduce any risk, you should have check up on regular basis. It is better to consult with the doctor online during this time of crisis, unless you have to go for important checkups. A lot of clinics are working these days for in-person appointments, such as for ultrasound, routine checkup etc. Go for routine checkups online along with social distancing. If any problem persists, tell your IVF doctor immediately.

Don’t touch your face constantly

Change your habit of touching your eyes, mouth, ears and nose quickly, if you have. Especially for pregnant women, it is very vital as it is about you and your baby’s health.

Take proper sleep

For a pregnant woman, it is very vital to keep the mind and body relaxed. Getting proper sleep every day can help improve our immunity and keep our mind active. You can avoid a lot of health issues if your immunity is strong. It is also very vital for your unborn baby. Don’t compromise on her health and yours too.