We have all used a hair dryer in our lifetime. A diffuser is a bit different or should we say VERY different! WOC are known to have curly, wavy and many a times kinky hair. Let’s accept the fact shrinkage is the biggest enemy women with curly and kinky hair suffer. So, why is a diffuser better than a hair dryer for curly hair. A diffuser helps you to dry your hair, make sure you have more volume and also help you reach office on time.

A diffuser as is the name, diffuses the hair rather than damaging the cuticle. This allows curls to dry but not be destroyed. GHD air diffuseris one of the best that you can find. But before we dive in to figuring out how a diffuser works. Be sure to realize that detangling your hair is absolutely important. So, you should get the GHD detangling comb.

-        MORE VOLUME

A diffuser makes sure you have better volume and curls as well. It helps to keep your curls intact and eliminate frizz. It keeps your curl pattern intact and also who wants to step out with a head of hair dripping wet in the winter months.


Curly hair is famous for being susceptible to damage. Heat styling tools like a hair dryer makes it worse. The principal difference is that GHD hair dryer diffuser distributes the air over a larger area, as compared to a traditional hair dryer, which focusses on smaller sections. A diffuser also is gentler and uses warm air not hot.

-        NOT THE SAME

Not all diffusers are the same. Use diffusers which make sure your hair is dried rather than destroyed. The thickness of your hair is to be considered while using a diffuser and the power of the diffuser. The hand shaped diffuser changed the diffuser game completely. A diffuser should be able to glide through your roots, not be stuck and be sure that you also keep in mind you need the cold shot button.


Your hair needs low temperatures. Saving it from frizz this is how it can be done. But before you begin, make sure you have detangled all your hair using the GHD wide tooth combhelps when you are using the diffuser. Let your hair air dry for up to 60% then use the diffuser because in absolutely wet hair, a diffuser will cause more frizz.


You can always diffuse daily, but make sure your temperature is low. Cool or warm temperatures are fine, never too hot. And you can always use heat protectant if the need arises.


With several different curl patterns, knowing what sort of diffuser routine suits you is absolutely important. Tighter curl patterns need to be more careful as to how they use the diffuser. They should never take it close to their scalp, that causes more shrinkage than usual.

-        HAIRSPRAY

Hairspray albeit known to be rather bad, actually is a great option for people who need to retain their curl pattern or want a longer curl wear. You can always use a small amount on your hair before you start your drying process. It helps to define the curls much better.


Wrong diffusing and too much of fiddling with your hair can cause you to have your hair to be frizzy. Touching your hair frequently causes it to break the curl patterns. Always do the SOTC (Scrunch Out The Crunch) when your hair is completely dry. That helps to open up your hair.

So, go ahead and decide upon the diffuser you like but we recommend the GHD air diffuser for your hair. You can use it as you like, and it is pocket friendly as well. GHD is known to make some of the best hair styling tools in the industry and owning one at this price is such a great addition to your hair routine. Curls are difficult yet gorgeous to have, so why not give them the respect they deserve. Be kind to yourself, keep discovering!