Best Movies on Startups

Running a startup is never easy and neither is becoming an entrepreneur. It takes people quite a lot of time to be successful with their ideas and their plans. In fact, the sad reality is that a lot of people fail midway because they lose all hope and motivation they have and that’s where the problem begins. 

Startups are always a victim of ups and downs but what people shouldn’t forget is that they can always make it with a little inspiration and motivation. Speaking of which, today we are here with some of the best movies on startups that can literally change the life of all the entrepreneurs out there. In case you face trouble loading these movies online, all you have to do is to try 123 movies unblocked.

Take notes and watch all these movies because this is possibly the best way you can do both, get entertained and take some inspiration. 

1- Wall Street

It’s the year 2020 that we are living in and even today, Wall Street is considered one of the best movies. The movie revolves around a man named Bud Fox who is a stockbroker. He is the kind of person who can do literally anything that he has to just to stay on top. He uses illegal ways and takes risks without worrying about getting caught or losing his reputation. The movie tells how you cannot have all the things, all the time, all at once. You are supposed to enjoy your journey to the fullest even if that means living a little difficult life. 

2- The Social Network 

A movie with an IMDB rating of 7.7 won’t ever disappoint you and the same is the case with the Social Network. This movie is based on the journey Mark Zuckerberg had to go through and honestly, to us this is the best movie to date especially for those who have huge startup ideas with low levels of motivation. If you are scared to give your startup a try, “The Social Network” is all that you have to see and we assure you that once you do that, you’ll feel the change yourself. 

3- Joy 

The next movie on the list that we have for you is “Joy”. This movie has been nominated for an Oscar and it’s about a guy named “Joy Mangano” who is a self-made billionaire. This movie is specifically for women who want to become leaders and work on their startup idea because, in Joy, you’ll see all the struggles. From the struggles of women entrepreneurs to the struggles of startup leaderships, it covers every aspect which is why it’s a must-watch and we can bet on the fact that you are going to feel a change in yourself once you are done with it. 

4- Steve Jobs 

We all know Steve Jobs, right? Well he himself is a big inspiration which is why you should try listening to his lectures. If you want your world to turn the other way around then watch “Steve Jobs” right now. It shows all the real-time struggles of the cofounder of Apple and how he starts his journey just with some passion for design. This movie shows how Steve Jobs became a genius all with some skills, passion, and hope. 

These are some of the best movies that you should watch for some inspiration especially if you’ve got a startup idea of your own. The list doesn’t end here and there are a lot more movies out there but for now, we’ve compiled the ones that can actually make a big difference for you. So now turn on your laptop, put on any of these movies and start watching right away.