Best way of hair care

Even thick and strong hair by nature needs high-quality daily care. And if your hair is weak, thin, dry or, maybe, oily, care products should be selected especially carefully.
Before choosing hair care, determine its type and go through the diagnosis of scalp. This can be done in many large beauty salons. We are always far from correctly assessing the condition of our hair, although there are some signs that allow us to attribute it to one or another type.

If you feel your hair becomes dirty just a day after washing, greasy hair products are suitable for you: shampoos that contain drying ingredients, in particular extracts of mint, eucalyptus, lemon.

If you have to wash your hair two to three times a week, it is considered as normal hair. Such hair needs moisturizers, which include provitamin B5, keratin, extracts of birch leaves and nettles. The main thing in such shampoos is neutral pH.

If you wash your hair once a week and do not feel any discomfort, then your hair is most likely dry. It needs extra nutrition and hydration. Look for nutritious shampoos and conditioners with natural oils, panthenol, lanolin and glycerin. It is also advisable to apply indelible means - balms, oils and serums on the tips.

Soft and sulfate-free shampoos, as well as conditioners, which are enriched with oils and masks with proteins and panthenol, are suitable for dyed and damaged hair.

Regardless of your hair type, nutrition has a major influence on its appearance and health. No shampoos and special balms will help us if our daily diet consists of hot dogs, coffee and pies. If the hair has an unhealthy appearance, then you need to pay attention to the state of gastrointestinal tract. You must include in your diet trace elements and vitamins (cereals, meat, liver, milk, eggs). Do not forget about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, especially raw ones. Trace elements such as zinc, copper and silicon are good for hair.

When you wash your hair, use water of the correct temperature. Water temperature should be around 50 degrees. Water of this temperature dissolves sebum well, removes dirt and helps to improve blood circulation of the scalp. In addition, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the hair after washing, in order to wash off all the remnants of shampoo or care products.

Hair styling with the use of hot air and shampooing with aggressive shampoo harms the hair and makes it more fragile. Use a delicate shampoo that does not harm the scalp. Dry your hair in the direction of growth. It is better to use a hair dryer without any nozzles, the temperature should never be at its maximum, only gradually increase.

Remember: Massage is not just for the body. It can also greatly benefit your hair. Gently massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes. It improves the blood circulation of the scalp, as a result of which the hair roots are better supplied with nutrients and oxygen, and your hair becomes stronger. Take care of your hair!