12 Important Things to Pack and Prepare for Long Hours of Coach Bus Trips

If you and your group of friends or family members decide to go for coach hire  options for your travel, you will certainly be amazed at the good things you get from it! Comfort, convenience, privacy and exclusivity are just four of the great boons you will be entitled with if you hire a coach bus for your travel. 

You are provided with a skillful and careful driver and coach interiors made with excellent quality materials and designs. Even with long hours of travel, you can be at ease and peace. 

Speaking of long travel time, the ideal kind of coach to use is the one with comfort rooms and other basic areas needed by passengers. Especially if the route the bus is going to take is far from the city, that’s a need! 

For you to have a good time even if the travel is lengthy and annoying, you must bring the right stuff to help you! Below is a list of 12 things you should prepare, pack and bring on your long coach bus trips!  


There is an ETA or Expected Time of Arrival for coach bus trips, but who knows? You might arrive earlier or later than that. Because of that, bring your own packed meals. In that way, you can combat hunger wherever you are. When nearby fast food restaurants cannot be found, it will not be a problem to you since you brought your own. It’s both convenient and money-saving!


Of course, just like in a school field trip, bring bite-sized snacks you can easily eat without a mess and without making the whole ride smelly. They are aidful if you want to eat but you’re not really hungry at all, or if you just want to kill time and forget for a while the length of your road travel. 


There’s no other liquid like water. Regardless of the effort you put in drinking a lot of juice, nothing can satisfy your thirst like H2O always does. 

Keep yourself hydrated. If it’s going to be a long road trip via an isolated place or a road only meant for vehicles to pass by, you will have a hard time looking for convenience stores. It’s better if you all have your individual water jugs and tumblers or general water jugs huge enough to store water for you all.  

Eating without a water bottle present beside you? That’s risky. Better bring one. Especially because you will be eating in a vehicle, you might find it difficult to do so. Have water by your side just in case of any mishap which could be avoided. 


To avoid boredom and impatience, make sure you have items that will entertain and distract you. They can be mobile games, movies, series, e-books and songs -- whatever will calm you down and make you enjoy during the trip. It’s making your long trip matter by actually having fun! 

These forms of entertainment will keep you busy. Time will fly quick, and you won’t notice that the trip’s been THAT long.


If you have a pocket WiFi, take it with you. In that way, you can get connected with your family and other people. You can communicate with them online. Also, you can surf the Internet and update your social media accounts. You can let your friends know that you’re riding a really fabulous coach bus on your way to a beautiful place! 


You cannot use your gadgets if your battery dies, thus, you also cannot play games and music and watch movies. If that happens, then there’s no entertainment for you anymore!

Bring your power banks and chargers. Make sure they are complete with their cables because they will be useless if they are not. Long bus rides can cause your phones and camera batteries to get low because you’re using them. You can recharge your devices in coach buses with sockets.   


You must never forget to bring hygiene kits! Everybody in the bus should have his/her own. That kit should have tissues, wet wipes, soaps, shampoo (if needed), facial wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary napkin (for women), diapers (for babies and for adults in need of them) and all the other hygiene materials you personally need. 


Coach hire companies make sure that guest passengers will
be comfortable and at-home with the vibe, look and feel of their coach buses, however, it would be helpful for you to bring your own travel pillow. It’s for you to have better posture when sleeping, so you won’t wake up to a painful back and a stiff neck. You can take that long ride as a time to rest before and after enjoying in your destination. 


You feel colder as the travel time with coach bus gets longer. Especially if you go up high places and travel to them also, you will feel that the air conditioning unit is testing your endurance. You can have it turned off or low, but if the natural atmosphere is really cold, you can still feel chilly. Moreover, if others don’t feel as cold as you, then not all of them might agree to lessen the temperature.

That’s why bringing a jacket or a sweater thick enough to give you warmth is significant! It’s going to be a big suffering for you if you don’t! You will regret it for real. 


1 hour of road travel can already make your hip hurt and cramp; how much more if it’s the half-day kind of trips?! 

If you have any body massaging device or tool which you can bring, pack them as well. They might help alleviate pain, stiffness and numbness. 


who have weak tolerance for road humps, zigzags, heights and fast speed. There are just some people who have “bus ride sickness”.

Bring brown bags or garbage bags to use just in case your stomach feels spinning and you feel like you’re going to vomit. Be sure to thrown them away properly in case they get used. 


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Long coach bus trips, just like in regular buses, might lead to passengers getting dizzy and having nausea. Bring menthol ointments that will relieve unwell feeling. Pack medicines that will help prevent and fight them too. It’s not easy to spot medical centers and health clinics in places you are not familiar with, so just prepare your own just in case you will be needing them. 

There you have them! Other things not on the list which you believe will help you enjoy the long trip and bear it, prepare and pack them. It’s better to be sure than regret later on!

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for BelleVue Coach Hire Manchester, a cost-effective quality transport service provider for group travel needs. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.