If you are running a business or going to start it, then you must have a clear idea about the fixed or overhead cost.

Fixed Cost: These are the business’s expenses that are not dependent on the output. It remains the same whether you are selling an excessive or a single product.

For example, you took a room on rent where you have to pay £100 every month. Now, you are generating a large wealth but room rent will be going to the same. It is not affected by how much your company is earning.

In the above example, rent is a fixed cost, no matter what is the situation; you have to pay this rent every month.

Do you know because of these fixed costs many business owners have to shut down their work? It is very important to know ways to reduce these expenses. Yet, it creates a problem for new start-ups those who have very limited funds.

In this blog, we have shared some of the techniques that you can help you to cut down the overhead cost.

Let’s catch them...

Techniques to Save Money on  Fixed Cost

There are so many areas where you can reduce the expense. And we have discussed some major ones where you may spend a large part of your money.

Negotiation: Save money on rent

The major part of the fixed cost is “rent”. If you have enough places, then drop the renting idea. If not, then you can cut down the lease cost with your bargaining skills. It is sure that you may not able to make an efficient deal at first place. Visit your locality and never settle with one, first talk with different landlords.

After visiting all the places now compares them, you will find the best place at fewer rates.

Weekly Payroll: Grab a large part of the revenue

It is the second key expenditures and the more employees mean you have to give more. You might be surprised to know that 50% to 60% revenue of the small business exhaust over the payroll. But there are a few ways you can read them below through which you can save money

*      Consider Outsourcing: If you hire a remote worker, then you can mitigate the risk of payroll, remove penalties, complete payroll more cost-effectively.

*      Use timekeeping machine: Those who use a spreadsheet to keep the payroll details faced more costly as compared to those who are using the timekeeping machine.

*      Increase the employee retention: Whenever the company loses the worker, they lose the time and money. For new hiring you have to again teach them about your services that are going to a never-ending cycle. It is crucial to introduce a program that can help the employees to stay happy at your workplace.

Utility Bills: Find the thin line between essential and non-essential

Electricity and water bills are the common cost for every type of businesses. But if you want to see the more profit, then you have to go smart with bills. There are many ways to save money on your bills, you can read them below.

*      Go for energy-efficient bulbs

*      Change your thermostat settings

*      Install smart gadgets

It may introduce some extra cost, but consider it as a long term benefit. If you are not able to invest money from pocket, then investors or loans can provide you with the helping hand. Getting funds from investors may be the challenging task, and it may be time-consuming. If you need instant money, then business loans from direct lenders in the UK may be the good option.

Business Insurance: Small but can save a lot of money

You can save money on insurance but it will consume your time. We have shared some fast ones; you can read them and trim down the business’s insurance cost.

­  Go for the higher deductible: High deductible means less you will pay for the policy.

­  Buy a tie together policy:  Many times owner purchases the individual coverage. But you can save money if you go for the package policy.

­  Check to avoid the loses: You can ask the agent about the safety. It will embrace the workplace fortification, disaster preclusion and HR intrusion.

These four are the major fixed expenditures that you can reduce to boost the revenue. It is crucial to follow especially when you are running a small business. It can help your start-up to generate a large profit margin.

Description: Reducing the fixed cost is challenging but it not impossible. We have discussed some places where you can reduce these overhead expenses in this blog.