How to Boost Your WiFi with Linksys WiFi Extender

Is your WiFi router not spreading signals to your entire home space? Are you frustrated with your current WiFi signal coverage? If yes, then you need a good WiFi extender to intensify the signal strength of your WiFi. By installing an extender, you can improve the signal strength of your WiFi network in a hassle-free manner.

How to Find the Best Extender for Your Home?

There are an array of WiFi extenders available in the market boasting different size, shapes, and price tags. Investing money on an extender only makes sense if you want to boost the WiFi signal strength of your router. Before buying an extender, make sure to check its review. Some WiFi range extenders work surprisingly good, whereas some can simply baffle you with awful results.

If privacy and security is a concern for you, then its always better to order a WiFi range extender from a trusted company. To make you get rid of the hassle of finding the best extender, we've come up with the name leading the extender's market.

Linksys is one of the best companies providing the best WiFi extenders for boosting your WiFi. Let's check how to configure a Linksys extender. Here we go:

Linksys WiFi Range Extender Setup

If you are planning to set up a Linksys extender with your existing router then you are at the right place. Without any ado, let's first make you familiar with the basic requirements for Linksys Extender Setup.

  • Make sure your extender is placed in the same room where you've placed your existing router.
  • Cross-check whether your extender is fetching adequate power supply or not.
  • Get access to a workable home WiFi network.
  • You are suggested to have at least two web browsers on your PC, as sometimes does not support a particular web browser and shows an error message. The web browsers should be updated to the latest version. If not, update them.

So, consider these points before setting up your Linksys WiFi range extender. Let's proceed further with a step-by-step guide on Linksys Extender Setup. Read on.

Set up Linksys Extender
Linksys WiFi extender can be installed using two methods: Manual method and WPS method. Let's get to know both the methods one by one.

Linksys Extender Setup using Manual Method

  • Plugin your WiFi extender into an electrical outlet.
  • Try to connect both your extender and WiFi device.
Note: You can connect your devices wirelessly or using a cable.

  • Launch your preferred web browser. You can choose Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla.
  • Access the default web page.
  • Enter your default username and password and hit Log In.
  • If you don't have an account then do create one.
  • Select the network you want to extend and hit Next.
  • lastly, click Finish to complete the process.

This is how you can set up your Linksys extender like a pro.

Linksys Extender Setup Using WPS Method

WiFi Protected Setup is another method to set up Linksys extender in a matter of minutes. Go through the steps below for setting up your Linksys WiFi extender using the WPS method.
  • Make sure your extender is powered ON.
  • Locate the WPS button on your extender.
  • Press and hold the WPS button.
  • Now press the WPS button on your existing router.
  • Repeat the same process if you are using a dual-band WiFi range extender.
  • Congratulations! Your extender has set up successfully

If at any step you find any difficulty, be it related to Linksys extender setup or related to your router, contact support for instant and immediate solutions.

We wish you enjoy a seamless internet connection on all your WiFi devices by installing a Linksys extender at your home or workplace.