What to Expect from Oil and Gas Jobs in UAE?

The Gulf nations are among the top producers of oil and gas in the world, leading to a high number of oil and gas jobs in UAE as well. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers, generating even more money. Because of this, the oil and gas industry is one of the most significant contributors to the GDP of UAE.s

Typically, the oil and gas industry has three divisions – upstream, midstream and downstream. Upstream involves the exploration and production of oil and gas. Midstream deals with the transportation, processing and storage of petrochemical products. Downstream entails the refining, distribution and supply of products. Oil and gas jobs in UAE comprise a huge number of opportunities in all three areas.

Companies that cater to all three areas are the largest suppliers of oil and gas jobs in the UAE. There are also companies that operate across one or two areas as well. There are also contractors and engineers who work exclusively for special sectors such as design engineering.

In terms of educational background, the oil and gas jobs in UAE usually require graduates from the engineering streams of chemical, civil/structural, electrical, environmental, instruments, manufacturing and mechanical. You could apply for internships to put an early foot into the industry after your academic learning. Your skills of analytical thinking, creativity, problem-solving capabilities, adaptability, drive, perseverance and interpersonal skills are highly useful when working in this field. As an engineering student, you could also apply for technical roles that related closely to your area of specialization. Even in business or commercial sectors of oil and gas, your skills could come in handy. Since the gulf countries are mostly habituated by foreign nationals, working here is a great opportunity to be exposed to people of different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.

When working for oil and gas jobs in UAE, you would have to work with multidisciplinary teams, sometimes round the clock. Safety and health standards are given prime importance in the field and are always strictly adhered to. Since UAE is a global leader in the oil and gas sector, you shouldn’t be surprised if travel is a part of your job profile.

If you are looking for oil and gas jobs in UAE, it is best to start by settling down on the industry of your choice. Once you have made that decision do some research on the top companies and opportunities available for your skillset and your level of experience. Next, you should work on building your resume and polishing your interview skills. If you are an entry-level aspirant, this part could be quite intimidating. But you could always make use of what the internet has to offer, be it for career advice or registering with online job boards. You could also connect with other professionals from the field by joining professional networking platforms. A career with oil and gas jobs in UAE is sure to prove lucrative and rewarding once the right job comes along.