How to Fix Nighthawk Router Error Code 651?

Netgear Nighthawk router is one of the best WiFi routers available in the market. It is an innovative product, appreciated by many gamers, programmers, and developers for its super-fast wireless connectivity and blazing speed. However, Nighthawk routers are not perfect. Like every electronic device, it is also prone to technical issues, and error code 651 is one of the most common issues during the Nighthawk router setup.

The error 651 occurs when the modem reports an alert and the WiFi connection halt temporarily. Fortunately, there are some feasible solutions to know better about the origin of the issue and to protect your device from future invasions.

Often, it's really irritating to fix Netgear error code 651 for users at the right time. Many numbers of users face this type of error when they try to establish an Internet connection. It's quite important to fix Error code 651 before any major error takes place in your Netgear router.

Your Nighthawk router will deliver a message titled “Connection failed with error 651” on your desktop's screen, when the raspppoe.sys file has been saved at the wrong location while performing Nighthawk WiFi router setup.

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix error code 651 with easy techniques. So, let's begin with it.

Nighthawk router setup

Solutions to Fix Netgear Nighthawk Error 651

Solution 1: Reconnect Your Router

This is the foremost basic troubleshooting step and everybody can solve this error by simply reconnecting their device with the Internet. So, if you're using a Netgear router, then shut down your router and wait for five minutes. Now, turn it on again or if you've mistreated the local area network then disconnect the wire and plug it back.

Solution 2: Reset TCP/IP On Your Computer

You should try to reset the Windows network. Sometimes it solves error 651 and fortunately, windows 8/7/Vista comes with an integral tool you'll be able to use.

Try the below-mentioned steps to do this thing:-
  • First, launch a cmd with the admin rights.
  • Type “netsh int IP reset reset.log ”.
  • Then Press the “Enter” key.
  • Restart your PC.
  • After this step, Some issues will automatically get fixed. If not, then attend subsequent methodology.
Solution 3: Recreating Dial-Up affiliation

Might be your WiFi device get hanged throughout the Nighthawk router login process. The best resolution to fix the difficulty is to recreate your dial-up affiliation. Simply, right-click on your “Dial-Up” or “Broadband affiliation”, then opt for “create a copy”, and finally delete your previous existing connection.

Follow these steps to try and do this task:-
  • Open “Network & Sharing Center” and, then hit on “Change Adapter Setting”.
  • Next, right-click on your broadband or dial-up connection option and choose “Create Copy”.
  • Next, it'll produce a duplicate setup of your existing WiFi connection.
  • Now delete your previous affiliation and re-dial the new network connection.
Solution 4: Boot the PC in Safe mode. Disable Antivirus code
  • It is always guided to boot the computer in safe mode with the networking and check if you are connected to the Internet without any errors. Safe mode starts Windows with some limited files and drivers. Startup programs don’t run in safe mode, and only the fundamental drivers required to start Windows.
Follow the steps to boot the computer in safe mode with networking:-
  • Restart your PC.
  • Then hit the “F8” key.
  • Once you see the “Advanced Boot Options”. Use the up/down arrow keys to spotlight your choice.
  • Select “Safe Mode” and, then tap the “Enter” key.
  • Then you may see a Welcome Screen.
  • Next, you need to use the “Administrative Privileges” to log into your user account.
  • If this step fails then try and Disabling Firewall/Security code, if any.
Hopefully, this will fix your Netgear Nighthawk router error code 651.