8 Things to Consider with Ideal Exhibition Display Ideas

The three seconds in which visitors walk past your booths, they will choose to walk in or keep walking on, depending on the impression created by your exhibits and exhibition stands for the best exhibitions in London.

The trade show display graphic element you choose must be meaningful and captivating to motivate visitors to stop and find out more. Your exhibition displays can include booth signs, trade show table cloths, retractable banner stands, graphic displays, and other visible materials.
For your trade show banner stands and displays, use large, bright graphics that can very simply and clearly communicate the advantages of your products in a few words.

The five fundamental components that make exhibits visually attractive are color, motion, light, smell, and sound.


The colors and tones in your exhibition display ideas that can make your booth prominent and communicate your message too. Cool colors such as green, blue and white will make you appear professional and slick, yet may not generate a lot of interest.
Warm colors such as yellow, red and orange are good for attracting attention, however, they may be perceived as too strong or intense.


You can use lighting creatively to help attract attention to your booth in the best exhibitions in London. You may choose to focus on a new product through spotlights or create a cozy and inviting environment to attract visitors.


Some exhibitors also use motion as a technique for attracting visitors to a specific booth graphic or to their display area in general. Effective ways of using motion include conducting product demonstrations, projecting a video on a large screen or using colorful streamers.


Play nice music or nature sounds, or even feature live entertainers to appeal to the visitors and draw them into your booth. However, be careful about the sound levels, as exhibitors around you might complain if the music is too loud.


The aroma of fresh coffee or the alluring scent of fresh cinnamon buns or cookies coming from your booth will motivate visitors to stop.
To incorporate all these elements effectively, it would be advisable that you get professional counseling. You will have to put in some effort to find the right exhibition stand company that can provide appropriate expert assistance.

Qualities of a good exhibition stand designer:

1. Open-mindedness and creativity
2. Good understanding of display materials and appropriate use
3. The ability to convey ideas accurately and clearly
4. Effective understanding of display structures
5. Knowledge of their company's limitations
6. Experts in graphic techniques
7. Familiarity with interactive product presentation methods and media
8. Appropriate skills in cost management to stay within the prescribed budget
9. Familiarity with specifications for various events, such as trade shows, product launches, exhibitions
10. Expert knowledge of current marketing trends and their relevance to your objectives.

Entering the market of competition
People who are entering the world of business would know the complexities they would have to face in this competitive market. One has to decide whether to work on selling the product or making new clients through creative ideas.
It is difficult to select the best advertising material from a huge variety of products in the market. There are various ways of exhibiting the products and services to the target audience; one of them is participating in a trade show or exhibitions in London.
Nowadays, the exhibitions are a great way to introduce a new brand or product in the market. The customers get attracted to the creative exhibition displays. Attending an event would give your ideas for designing the booth to grab the attention of the visitors.

Choosing the location

To be easily visible from the entrance or any other great place is the very first thing is to choose the banner stand space. In deciding the other aspects of exhibition design, booking it well in advance would help you.

To make you stand out among other competitors at the show, the displays at the event should be eye-catching and attractive enough.
To attract more attention of the visitors towards your booth, different and innovative graphics designed in bright colors.

Better marketing of products and services

Smart exhibition displays can be used to market the products and services cleverly. Using giveaways to the potential customers would add value to your exhibition display stand.
Discount vouchers or gifts can help you in grabbing the attention of the public. Your brand name can be printed on the giveaway items and the exhibition design; this could be a mark of remembrance for the exhibition attendees.

The exhibition booths are generally filled with leaflets and catalogs; these could be found in the dustbins at the end. It is better to try something new and innovative to convey your message to the target customers without wasting any resources.

Using creative exhibition displays would entice the delegates and other attendees. The displays could be in the form of banner stands, posters, and other display graphics.
The advertising companies offer a variety of marketing products to choose from displaying at the exhibition stall.